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Women Boots: The Best Boots Hit 2021 Fashion Trend Women Boots: The Best Boots Hit 2021 Fashion Trend
When it comes to the winter or fall fashion trend, boots are always on-topic. Interestingly, many types of boots available for you to choose... Women Boots: The Best Boots Hit 2021 Fashion Trend

When it comes to the winter or fall fashion trend, boots are always on-topic. Interestingly, many types of boots available for you to choose from. Either it is for a casual or formal style, you will never run out of boot options. But what boots back to trend in 2021? Check out the following list!

Knee-High Boots

Winter fashion will never be complete without knee-high boots. These boots can be easily paired with other fashion items. Suede skirts, leather skirts, and denim jeans are some of the favorable winter items to be paired with boots. You can even create a timeless pair of boots simply by rotate them. If you want to create a luxurious look with boots, calfskin boots of Celine’s Claude can be a great option in 2021.

Meanwhile, brown leather boots by Loeffler Randall will help you create a trendy casual look this winter/ fall. If you want to add color to your winter outfit, the knee-high boots of Paris Texas will be a good option to take. They come with white color that will add a splash of color to your winter fashion. As an alternative, you can pick up leather boots by Jacquemus’ Les Bottes Olive.

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Combat Boots

Looking feminine but a bit “boyish” at the same time? Why not? If this is your a-go-to style, combat boots can be a perfect fashion item to add to your collection this year. Some world-class fashion brands have included these boots in their runayaws. Prada and Legres launch combat boots with a lace-up silhouette to add a feminine touch to the items. The designs of their combat boots can even be styled seamlessly with other seasonal fashion items.

Square-Toe Boots

The popularity of square-toe boots has been blossomed since the last summer. However, this fashion trend doesn’t show any sign to fade this fall and winter. They even become a key feature of the huge fashion brands in 2021, including Peter Do. This fashion brand comes with one of the most versatile square-toe boots that you will love to wear this season.

They are made of smooth leather upper, a combat-style rubber tread sole to boost durability, as well as metal rims on the toe and heel. If you want to make a statement with your combat boots, you can pick up the ones from Eyty’s. The futuristic Gaia boots by Eyty’s are unique. They come with an edgy sculpted heel, patent panels, and a wide square toe.

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Lug-Sole Boots

If there are boots that become a big hit in 2021 fashion trend, lug-sole boots will be on the top list. Being popularized by Prada and Bottega Veneta, these boots spread fast through social media influencers. The Monolith lug-sole boots of Prada come with stunning black and matte finishes. They will be a great option if you want to elevate your winter style instantly.

Platform Boots

The trend of platform boots this year is quite unexpected. These boots were extremely popular in the 1970s and they back to the fashion trend cycle now. Being inspired by the glamorous era of rock bands, the platforms boots are surprisingly comfortable to wear for any occasion. One of the big brands that brings back the popularity of platform boots is Nodaleto.

Their Bulla boots are retro-inspired and very chic. They come with trapeze and knee-high shape heel that will look perfect when paired with mid-length dresses or skirts. The same thing can be said with Madame boots of Gucci. These platform boots are made of white leather with contemporary rendition. They will allow you to create a luxurious look of the 1970s.

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