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Trending Dresses for Spring and Summer 2021/2022 Trending Dresses for Spring and Summer 2021/2022
The warmer season is finally here! And an even hotter season is on its way! How is your wardrobe doing? You are forgiven if... Trending Dresses for Spring and Summer 2021/2022

The warmer season is finally here! And an even hotter season is on its way! How is your wardrobe doing? You are forgiven if you ever think that spring and summer would be boring. But no, famous brands already held a virtual runway in New York and London. While in Milan and Paris, the showcases are done in a strict social distancing with a limited audience. The point is, yes this year’s spring and summer are not canceled!

This spring and summer style is about embracing an optimistic point of view regarding today’s situation. Since it is finally getting hotter, it is time to say goodbye to head-to-toe clothing to keep us warm in the chilly air.

Let’s hit the springy and summery seasons with a more feminine style with the dress’s latest fashion trend. So what’s in style this year?

Vibrant color dresses

Designers are using vibrant colors for this year’s spring and summer collection. It expresses hope and joy. Just like when we move from black and white TV shows to colored TV. They also mix up different kinds of fabrics and textures to give it extra fun and excitement. This year’s style is like an oasis in the middle of a dessert.

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trending yellow dresses for spring and summer

Christopher John Rogers created a pleated red, yellow, blue, white, and green pleated above the knees dress that you could match with a heeled-sandals. That look will greet your summer nicely. While he also made a mix of mini dress with a ruffle on the skirt part and long puffy sleeves. To make it extra summary, he used a big green leaves pattern.

Floral pattern dresses

The floral pattern is never out of style! They always find a way to get into the wave! Saint Laurent made a black one-shoulder dress topped with baby blue and pink flowers all over it. Alexis Barbara Isaias is also coming up with some floral pattern dresses. Long-sleeves white dress with a soft orange floral pattern that goes nicely with sandals. She made another one with a much bigger vibrant floral pattern with red and peach as its dominating colors.

trending floral pattern dress for spring and summer

Monochrome dresses

Many designers are going in monochrome this year, including their dresses. Setting the latest fashion trend into black and white. Well, one of the trends. Gabriella Hearst is going hard on this theme. She made a split black on the left and white on the right. There’s not much exaggeration, a simple long-sleeved maxi dress with two colors. She uses shiny leather and matches this dress with platform sandals. But not just that, she made several others in black and white.

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trending monochrome midi dress for spring and summer

Dolce & Gabbana also made a simplistic sheath checkerboard dress. They added a matching belt and knee-high boots. While Gabriella Hearst and Dolce & Gabbana are going with stiffer fabrics, Ports 1961 is up with a flowy midi dress in half and half black and white. This style goes nicely with another sandal. Yes, sandals are also still in season, people! Plus, it actually suits summer vibes best.

Puffy sleeves again!

Yes, puffy sleeves are still here for spring and summer! I mean, why not. We wouldn’t mind them staying a little longer. This time, instead of a top puffy sleeves, dresses with an elbow-length or even a wrist-length is hyping. Gabriella Hearst designed a voluminous puffy sleeve on a white midi but almost maxi dress.

trending puffy sleeves dress for spring and summer

White also shows up as one of the latest fashion trends this year. So why not combine both to make it even hotter? A flowy maxi dress looks just perfect with extra puffy sleeves shoulder to elbow length. And it’s in soft purple! Drawing the sweet and summery vibes to you.

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