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Tops Fashion Trends from Spring and Summer Fashion Weeks Tops Fashion Trends from Spring and Summer Fashion Weeks
When it comes to new fashion, we need to take a look at the fashion weeks. Fashion weeks can be such a huge source... Tops Fashion Trends from Spring and Summer Fashion Weeks

When it comes to new fashion, we need to take a look at the fashion weeks. Fashion weeks can be such a huge source to keep up with the trends. Even though the pandemic is not over, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be fashionable. If you are so keen on fashionable look, you can find some serious style inspirations in this article.

Black face masks

Regardless of your outfit, a face mask is a necessity. In 2021, the presence of black face masks will be huge. It can be paired with various outfit styles. You can go for a business meeting or a grocery routine with a black face mask. To maintain your style, go with a silky fabric or breathable material. If you are up for something fancy, feel free to find one with embellishments. Other than that, face masks come in various styles, which protect you at best and keep you in style.

Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets

Wearing jackets are so last year. In 2021, you can be fashionable and comfy with an oversized boyfriend jacket with shoulder pads. The pads elongate your legs and cinch your waist. Want to rock this look? Wear leather shorts or straight-leg trousers. The best colors include neutrals, charcoal, and powder blue. Dressing up with this style will give a chic aesthetic effortlessly.

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Sorbet pastel tones

Another new fashion that will top the spring and summer of 2021 is sorbet pastel tones. These colors suit a wide variety of skin tones, while you can pick any outfit style that you like most. Whether you are going with a boiler suit or an oversized trench coat, relying on pastel tones is always a good idea. To elevate your overall aesthetic, you can combine butter and soft hues simultaneously. It shouldn’t be difficult to stay chic and fashionable in 2021.

Head scarfs

Head scars surely come from the 50s and the 60s. The hype continues to bloom in 2021, big way. Wearing headscarves allows you to cover your hair and put a finishing fashion statement. The best part is that headscarves won’t overdo your outfit. Are you into this style? You can pick a silky scarf with intricate patterns or floral motifs. Meanwhile, bold colors and block letters are great to keep it simple.

Styling a headscarf is effortless. You can wrap it under your chin and knot it loosely. Another way is by hanging it off the back of your head. You instantly get the vibe of Grace Kelly with a nice headscarf.


Folk coats

Coats are more of a necessity than fashion wear. However, you can turn it into something fashionable. Folk-inspired coats are all over the fashion week in Milan earlier this year. When the day is getting colder, you can add a layer of embroidery and lace. It keeps you warm and your outfit hot. The best part is that this style fits every body type. Coats can be something fashionable if you know what to do.

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Yellow bags

Yellow is quite popular in the last two years. The popularity has also taken over the streets and runways. Since the trend is easy to replicate, we can say that this one is timeless. Bring a small clutch to give a sweet to your outfit. Meanwhile, a mustard tote will enhance your daily needs. Yellow comes in tons of shades which you can pick according to your taste. This color always looks incredible paired with a monochromatic ensemble or vibrant hues. It is safe to say that yellow will still be part of the new fashion in 2021.

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