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Top Pattern Trends in 2021 Top Pattern Trends in 2021
Patterns are part of a fashion trend. You get a different sense of patterns every season, which makes this year special too. Even though... Top Pattern Trends in 2021

Patterns are part of a fashion trend. You get a different sense of patterns every season, which makes this year special too. Even though the pandemic Covid-19 keeps many people at home, wearing unique outfits every day keeps your sanity. Other than that, it will be more fun to wear what you love even though you don’t go anywhere.

This year’s spring will come with a bunch of interesting patterns and popping colors. Many of them are inspired by nature, but we will be surprised by how refreshing this trend is. Thus, if you are a devoted minimalist, it will shock your personality at its deepest. Also, the trend comes with lots of details that will be all over the world sooner or later.

Screen prints

Screen prints have become part of a trend for several years now. This pattern is commonly seen on t-shirts. Burberry, Rokh, Fendi, and other phenomenal brands also incorporated this pattern into their collections, which was quite a hit.


On the runways, screen prints are featured on tunics and sheer dresses. It simply highlights your edginess that is easy to style. You can pick a dress full of prints or prints or make It subtle to stand out with this pattern trend.
Meanwhile, pairing a screen-prints top with a pair of jeans will rock your spring.

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Kitchy ‘80s florals

Floral patterns have been all over the fashion trend around the last year. This season, the trend of floral patterns will take you back to the ‘80s. It doesn’t exaggerate the romanticness of the pattern in any way. Meanwhile, the prints will punch your face but you cannot help. Regardless of your outfit pieces, floral patterns will become the trend of 2021. All you need to do is to pick the right shoes.

Checkered prints

Gingham was all over the world last year. That pattern also makes every designer went on board, showing off their best collections with gingham patterns. In 2021, checkered prints will take out the trend. Before this year, a few brands had implemented the pattern on the collections. This year, more designers put checkered prints in the spotlight. You can take a look at the collections of Paloma Wool’s playbook. Experimenting with the saturated version will keep you on top of the trend.


The springtime reminds us of colorful vibes but softer. The trend will also go around that inspiration. Watercolor patterns, on the other hand, will become part of the pattern trends in 2021. They incorporate the soft side of color like how watercolor shows its charms.

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We can see how tie-dye patterns became a strong trend last year. In 2021, tie-dye seems like a close relative of watercolor, but it comes with an additional blotchy effect with diluted edges. Dries Van Noten is among the designers who took on watercolor patterns in a more uniform arrangement.

Meanwhile, Kenzo and Acne Studios incorporate the pattern trend with a dip-dye effect. The result shows a delicate pattern with random motifs, which is aesthetically pleasing. If you are a tie-dye goer, feel free to try this look too. Watercolor is like an upgraded version of last year’s tie-dye trends.

Fruit stripes

Stripes are trendy for several years now. 2021 has taken the stripe trend to another level. You can see fruit stripes will go all over the world sooner or later. It feels like a nostalgia wave that comes with bright and bold lines. Rainbow colors will remind you of your childhood. Many designers, such as Christopher John Rogers, Stine Goya, and Versace adopted the trend. From knit dresses to button-down tops, you can nail the fashion trend with denim jeans.

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