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Top Denim Trends in 2021 Top Denim Trends in 2021
Denim is always part of the fashion trend. However, some styles can last more than one season, which is a worthy investment for those... Top Denim Trends in 2021

Denim is always part of the fashion trend. However, some styles can last more than one season, which is a worthy investment for those who don’t want to stuff their wardrobe. Since we have spent most of our months at home since last year, we don’t get updated with the denim trend. The trend has changed hugely.

Regardless of the trend, you should be confident with what you are wearing. Sometimes, the best fashion style is the one that you are most comfortable and confident in. Of course, you can try new trends as you try new things. Keep in mind that your confidence makes a huge difference.

What are the best denim trends this year?

As mentioned earlier, denim will never go out of style. Some celebrities and top models wear what they love, and suddenly those become a trend. Skinny jeans have been popular for years. In 2021, the existence is shifted by some other styles, such as bootcut, straights, and so on. Below, we have a list of top denim worth checking out.


  • Straight jeans

Skinny jeans are dead. Meanwhile, the presence of straight jeans will become booming in 2021. You get a slimmer look regardless of your top. It can hit the waist or higher, depending on your preference. Straight-cut jeans give a lengthening effect on your leg, but you have to make sure that your ankle is not exposed. Straight jeans should fit well to your body while being matched to your shape and footwear. Try a Breton tee with straight-cut jeans and a pair of chucks. You will be the trendiest and coolest girl on the block.

  • Bootcut jeans
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The fashion trend that will last longer than one season is bootcut jeans. The trend is back with a better thing to offer, as long as you know how to do it right. Bootcut is ready to style your lug soles, soothe your calves, and boost your confidence while tucking in your top. The best part is that you don’t need to wear boots.

Even though bootcut jeans are a trend that comes back, it is not necessarily the same. The latest trend comes with a slimmer shape with a higher rise. Also, you will see a hint of a kick out at the bottom. Modern bootcut is the easiest to style. You will look great with lug-sole boots, ankle booties, a pair of pumps, or even sneakers. The only thing that will break your look is a pair of flat shoes. Bootcut jeans look better with shoes that have structures and volumes.

  • Baggy jeans

2021 seems like a year when you have to soothe your entire body. Baggy jeans are one of those things that allow you to look stylish and relaxed at the same time. The last time baggy jeans were a hit, tattoos and belly rings were part of the trend. This year, you don’t need to do that at all. Everything should be deceptively well fit.

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2021’s baggy jeans will have a higher rise while covering your ankles beautifully. You can style the jeans with loose and relaxed tops without making you look sunk in your ensemble. The freshest effect comes from faded denim. Also, it will look much better with some distressing.

Distressing here means occasional knee holes and worn edges instead of a chewed hem. In case you need a cuff, just take a single fold. You can style baggy jeans with a tucked top unless you love a cropped top that much. More than anything, make yourself feel amazing in it.

And this is anything you need to know about the denim fashion trend in 2021.

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