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Top 4 Fashion Trends for Men Popular in 2021 Top 4 Fashion Trends for Men Popular in 2021
It is not only women who must pay attention to the latest fashion trends. It is also an important thing for men particularly for... Top 4 Fashion Trends for Men Popular in 2021

It is not only women who must pay attention to the latest fashion trends. It is also an important thing for men particularly for you who want to always look trendy and confident. You should not worry since fashion items for men are generally not as detailed as those for women. You only need to prepare some types of fashion items to look cool throughout the year.

In 2021, there are indeed some fashion items for men that are increasingly popular. A good thing about them is that those items can be easily found around. Not always branded, some products are available at relatively affordable prices. So, what are the fashion items that must be available in your wardrobe? Here are some of them to try.

Cuban-Collared Shirt

The Cuban-collared shirt is a kind of men’s fashion item to see around since so many years ago. This idea is timeless and perfect for various occasions particularly casual and semi-formal. Well, you may already have some Cuban-collared shirts in your wardrobe. But to still be trendy and fashionable in 2021, it is not bad to buy some other items.


Choose some shirts with light colors like blue sky or red. Such colors, although they don’t look as masculine as black or navy blue, can make you more attractive for some reasons. This idea can be combined with almost anything depending on the situation. It is okay to wear along with sneakers or formal shoes.

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Another classic style that is worth having in 2021 is a pair of loafers. Different from the Cuban-collared shirt that was still popular in previous years, the trend of loafers was gone for a while. After restarting to famous at the end of 2020, currently, many more people seem to be more interested in this type of footwear. Even there are loafers designed for women also.

For men, choose loafers with simple designs without too many details. You can even wear the plain ones and they look so cool. The shoes are also well combined with other outfit items. Meanwhile, it is great for both formal and casual occasions. You can wear it for the office or simply hang out with friends.

Ankle-Length Pants

When it comes to trousers, the most recommended idea for 2021 is ankle-length pants. Yes, that’s true. The trousers are not completely long up to your soles but only until the ankles. This idea is very cool mainly if you combine it with footwear like sneakers or loafers. This type of pants also works in various situations both formal and casual.

The pants are designed and produced in various colors and materials. Most of them are indeed in cotton. Well, this idea is great particularly if you are focusing on comfort more. But sure, you can buy them which are made from other materials like polyester or denim.

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Male Blazers for Casual Situations

Well, you must be a little bit wondering how a male blazer is for casual situations. So far, blazers are indeed for events like working, meeting, and the like. But yes, by choosing a certain type of blazer, it seems more suitable for casual situations. The blazer here is not made from thick fabrics just like the conventional ones. The materials chosen are thinner and simpler like cotton. This is how the blazer looks more casual.


The colors available are also various. Despite dark colors like black, rustic brown, or navy, there are also ideas like soft blue, yellow, cream, and even pink. You should not worry that this type of fashion trends makes you look like a woman. Yes, you can still look cool and manly with them.

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