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Things to Know about Men’s Fashion to Follow Things to Know about Men’s Fashion to Follow
The new fashion always comes as a fresh start from time to time. Meanwhile, it takes more than individuality to make a standout fashion... Things to Know about Men’s Fashion to Follow

The new fashion always comes as a fresh start from time to time. Meanwhile, it takes more than individuality to make a standout fashion style. If you need some inspiration to start your daily fashion, we have a list to help you make your own. You don’t need to follow all of them, but those things are gold.


Playing with textures seems like the number one advice on anything. You should also apply it to your daily fashion, regardless of the occasion. Textures come with layering patterns, colors, and shine with what you wear. For instance, wearing pleated trousers will escape you from a boring suit. Or you can go with cable knit sweaters for a smart casual look. Meanwhile, wearing a leather jacket over a tee may add shine and density for a casual look.

Choose the right size

Regardless of what you wear, it will be a waste if you choose the wrong size. Your style should fit and according to your body type. Whether it will be jeans or suits, be sure to always pick a size that fits you. It is better to get a suit from a professional tailor that fits your anatomy. Meanwhile, if you prefer wearing jeans, they should be comfortable for your waist while allowing a thumb to slip in the waist effortlessly.

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Keep your underwear simple

Even though you rarely show your underwear to the world, keeping it simple is a good idea. The term applies to singlet and socks too. You better go through your drawer that ditch those unpresentable items. Holes don’t provide extra ventilation, while stains represent poor hygiene. Thus, be sure to keep anything simple, clean, and shiny. Even though you can choose various colors for an undergarment, basic whites look nice and clean.

Keep a button open

We all know buttons are made to be fastened. But it doesn’t always work that way. Shirts, polos, and pants will benefit from a button open. It prevents your jacket from bunching when sitting. Keep in mind that not all buttons need to be fastened. Letting a button open will help to free your movement. It is not a new fashion, but you need it on every occasion.

Wear your tie right

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right thing is crucial. Your outfit might be right, but it will not look complete without a nicely fit tie. Choosing a tie is crucial. It can make or break your fashion, considering the right tie is made for the right occasion. Once you have chosen the tie, you have to wear it right. It cannot be too long or too short. That flimsy-looking knit that makes a gap between the collar shows widely won’t make a good impression. In case you are wearing a tie right now, make sure that you don’t tuck the tie into your pants. Also, you better not wear novelty ties ever.

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Final words

Staying in shape and style shouldn’t be difficult. Other than that, you should not feel intimidated by how neat the entire thing is, considering we are talking about men’s fashion. You can go casual, formal, or smart casual as you like. However, knowing the simple rules we stated above can help you find out the most suitable piece for every occasion. Shoes, on the other hand, play a huge role too. While white sneakers look well with almost any kind of casual suit, a well-polished dress shoe will keep a classy impression on you. It is not a new fashion, but you will be in the game for a long time by following these tips.

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