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The New Fashion for Cool Boy at University The New Fashion for Cool Boy at University
When you first enter the college phase, you certainly don’t need to wear mandatory clothing, aka school uniforms. Because at this time you are... The New Fashion for Cool Boy at University

When you first enter the college phase, you certainly don’t need to wear mandatory clothing, aka school uniforms. Because at this time you are free to vary with the styles or new fashion of male college students to make it even cooler. But you still have to adjust to the regulations on campus, huh!

Try not to be too ignorant about your appearance from now on. If you don’t care about your appearance, you might find it hard to get a crush, of course. Because the first thing that can attract a girl to a guy is appearance and style. You must be able to combine clothes for the style of college kids. Besides making your appearance look cool and pleasing to the eye, you will also look tidier. Surely some of you like to feel complicated by yourself when you want to choose clothes to go to campus?


So, you don’t need to worry, there are many cool outfit choices that you can apply. Here, I will try to give some casual male outfit styles that you can try to replicate when you go to campus:

Denim jackets and plain T-shirts

The combination of plain t-shirts with the outer denim jacket is very cool for you to wear to campus. You will look cool and attractive in the eyes of women with a plain shirt plus a denim jacket. This style can certainly be relied upon for any occasion, apart from college, you can also apply this outfit to go hang out or date with your boyfriend. For shoes, you can choose to wear sneakers or leather boots.

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Leather jacket

With this new fashion, your appearance will look more leveraged. If you want to look more mature when you go to campus, I recommend this one outfit! You only need to combine a plain t-shirt with a rich leather jacket on top. With a combination of styles like this, it’s guaranteed to make you look more mature and handsome. Oh yes, you should also pay attention to a neat and sleek male hairstyle.

Bomber jacket with jeans

If you want to look sportier and more contemporary, you can try this monochrome outfit theme. You can combine a plain white shirt with the latest men’s baseball jacket model. This will give you a sporty and casual impression when you go to campus. Also, wear sneakers and watches to complement your appearance to make it even cooler.


For those who like oversized fit clothes, you can try using an oversized hoodie. Apart from fitting in with cold weather, this outfit is cool for those of you who want to change the style to a t-shirt because you can double it with a plain or patterned t-shirt or inside it. Also, a hoodie can be said to be very versatile to be combined with any subordinate.


Bowling shirt

Well, this one is perfect for those of you who like Asian fashion trends that are currently in the market. This open collar model is trending in Asian countries, especially Korea and China. And also, you can combine it with your favourite ankle pants or jeans.

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A snapback can also be called a cap or a baseball cap. This type of men’s hat is the most widely used by students on the campus. Maybe because the other hat shapes are not suitable, times, yes, if they are used for the campus. This hat is available for both men and women. Indeed, you can wear your hat to campus, but remember to take it off when you start studying, yes, because that’s not polite.

However, the most important thing that you should pay attention to is a neat and fragrant style. That way, you will look cool and handsome when you are in college. So, which new fashion of male college student will you try to use on campus later?

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