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The Huge Latest Fashion Trend of Bags The Huge Latest Fashion Trend of Bags
Aside from high heels and party wear, the chic handbag has become one of the most underrated pieces during these years. When you need... The Huge Latest Fashion Trend of Bags

Aside from high heels and party wear, the chic handbag has become one of the most underrated pieces during these years. When you need to bring one, you will rely on the most practical bag that you have, with fewer chances to accessorize with on-trend accessories and fewer places to visit. There are a few practical styles among spring 2021 handbag trends that will see us through the season.

Retro Shoulder Bag

For a retro vibe that blends the best of the decades, pick a more streamlined form to replace the classic 90s shoulder bag. This will be the style that will never go out of trend, especially for the next few years. Just rest your bag under your arm or in the crease of the elbow, can make it more practical because you don’t have to grip your purse anymore. Besides, shoulders bag nowadays come in many kinds of bag that is elegant and also trendy.

Feather Bag

Achieving utmost in feather subtlety can be done with choosing a feather bag and combine it with a neutral and casual outfit. The feather effect applied to your bag can make all attention go to you. Feathers have long been a source of fascination for humans. Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, made a splash in the court of Versailles by donning ostrich feathers in her updo. Beautiful headdresses made of colorful bird feathers and deer leather were handcrafted by Native American tribes.

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Puffy – Pillow Bag

If you closely pay attention to the street style during Fashion Weeks that are held recently, you’ll notice a slew of people carrying the coveted Cassette purse. The soft volume will continue to be high, and it can be worn as a tote bag, a pouch, or even a daily clutch bag.

Hobo Bag

If you are the kind of person that puts everything you need into a bag, then you don’t have to worry too much because the latest fashion trend of bags also puts the bag you need into the trend. The hobo, slouchy bags continue to reign supreme in the trend. Hobo bags came in many styles which you can combine with matching outfits and occasions.

Vintage Bag

Everyone’s love for vintage kinds of stuff is still there during these years. The bags also applied vintage styles, and vintage bags are also dedicated to the latest fashion trend even nowadays. They are not only beautiful and timeless, but they are also of high quality.


You should look for them in second-hand shops or online retro retailers since the vintage bag is no longer available in stores. These pieces are a must-have because they tend to appreciate over time, making them good investments and exclusive additions to your wardrobe. The vintage bag should be combined with matching outfits.

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Chained Bag

Thick chains were all the rage in jewellery, so it’s no wonder that chains found their way into handbags as well. Although it may appear to be a simple embellishment, it transforms a previously plain bag into a high-end fashion statement. A chained bag can be worn from only a hang-out with your friends’ look, until a formal event look.


Lanyard or Necklace strap-bag is also a trend nowadays because this is very practical when you have to go to your office and tap your card to go in. it is also counted as an accessory. There are many styles when it comes to a lanyard, not only it has pockets for your office card, but also sometimes they contain a transparent pocket for your formal office picture or ATM card for you to get your cash or swiping card effortlessly.

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