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The Best Bridal Fashion Trends for 2021’s Weddings The Best Bridal Fashion Trends for 2021’s Weddings
Do you have a plan to conduct a wedding ceremony and party this year? If yes, make sure to prepare all the things well.... The Best Bridal Fashion Trends for 2021’s Weddings

Do you have a plan to conduct a wedding ceremony and party this year? If yes, make sure to prepare all the things well. Indeed, the pandemic may cause anything to feel different. There will be fewer guests, less hype, and more. But it should not make your wedding lose its meaning.

One of the wedding items to be prepared well is the wedding dress. Since the wedding party of 2021 tends to be simpler and more modest, you can choose a wedding dress with the same idea. Below, there are recommended bridal fashion trends of 2021 to choose from for your special day. Check them out.

Simple Wedding Dresses with Short Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts may remind you of the outfit to wear to the office. Well, it looks formal but at the same time, the idea is sexy and elegant. You can also wear this fashion item for evening parties or prom nights. So, it is not a big deal if the pencil skirt is a part of your wedding dress.


To deepen the sense of bridal, combine this with materials like tulle or lace. Interestingly, the top area of the dress can be various depending on your preference and situation. The skirt is good whether with the cap sleeves, long sleeves, or even a sleeveless top. Sure, there are so many chances to look stunning on your wedding dress with this type of dress.

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The 1920s Fashion Idea

Conducting a wedding party with only a few guests should not stop you to look glam. There are a kind of simple but glamorous wedding dresses as a choice. It is a dress with the 1920s concept. As information, the ’20s is a great era of fashion. While it happened after World War 1, it looks like people were getting more creative at that time. It was also called the Art Deco Era as you can see in the Great Gatsby movie.


The dress is basically a one-piece dress with accents like straps on the shoulders. Ornaments like sparkling tassels on the front part can just add its glam look. Sure, it is okay to add more details like beads or even Swarovski. Not to forget, wear also a headpiece or headband to represent the style of the ’20s more.

Sheath Wedding Dresses

If you think that a flaring gown is too much but you prefer a kind of long dress no matter what, it seems that this idea is a good choice. Sheath dresses refer to dresses that fit your body shape. It brings you a sense of simplicity but also elegance. Of course, it is suitable also in case you want to conduct a modest party with only a few guests.

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This idea also matches well with other details including sleeveless, strap, strapless, long sleeves, and more. You can avoid using too many ornaments like beads if you have used lace as the outer material layer. Back buttons are suitable for this idea as well.

Printed Wedding Dresses

It is known that wedding dresses must not only be in white. Some years ago, there was even the trend of colored wedding dresses. In 2021, it is not as extreme as wedding dresses in colors. It is just your white wedding dresses are printed with certain patterns like floral, polka dot, vintage Paris, and even cartoon doodles.

This trend is even made by some famous designers including Monique Lhuillier and Alexander McQueen. For the designs themselves, they are varied from short to ball gown wedding dresses. If you are just bored with common white wedding dresses around, this unique idea is definitely a good choice.

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