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The 5 Watches for Men on Various Occasions The 5 Watches for Men on Various Occasions
Watches for men have been men’s accessories to look more stylish for a long time. With these needs, the variety of watches is even... The 5 Watches for Men on Various Occasions

Watches for men have been men’s accessories to look more stylish for a long time. With these needs, the variety of watches is even more diverse. Starting from watches with formal, casual, to sporty models. Not to mention the variety of straps, colors, and shapes that are available in a variety of options.

You can customize the watch model with the event you will attend, whether it’s for a formal, informal event, or even for sports or traveling. The various variants of the watch allow you to wear it on various occasions.

Nylon Strap

A nylon strap is one type of strap that is very comfortable to wear, but also very strong. This strength makes the nylon strap synonymous with military watches. As the name implies, the nylon strap is made of tough enough nylon thread.


If the leather strap requires extra care, then this is the opposite of the strap material. The maintenance method tends to be easy because it can be washed and its characteristics are quite flexible. In terms of price, this one of the Watches for men is also much more affordable when compared to the leather strap. Some types of nylon straps are waterproof, which will make the strap last longer.

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Leather Strap

Leather material is one of the most popular watch strap materials. Some of the most common types of leather used are a cow, crocodile, and snake leather. This material has the advantages of being quite comfortable to wear and quite durable.

From its simple appearance, this leather strap is best suited for use in a casual or semi-formal setting. But keep in mind that this material requires careful care to maintain its appearance and quality. The quality of the skin is usually assessed from several aspects, such as its thickness, degree of tenderness, and degree of elasticity. The thicker and more elastic the skin, the more comfortable it will be to wear. Thus, the quality is getting better too.

Bracelet Strap

The bracelet strap is a type of strap that uses metal as its main material, such as stainless steel, titanium, and gold. The beautiful luster of metal makes the bracelet strap look luxurious and elegant, making it perfect for formal occasions.

Several types of straps include the oyster bracelet, h-link bracelet, super engineer bracelet, and jubilee bracelet. The advantages of this material are that it is durable and of excellent quality. However, straps tend to be quite heavy to wear and non breathable.

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Nato Strap

The nato strap is a material that is suitable for changing styles without the need to buy a lot of watches. Because there are so many models and very easy to assemble and install. The main material is nylon, but there is also a nato strap made of leather.

In terms of appearance, this watch is best combined with casual clothing styles. The design is very attractive, lightweight, and durable. The price is also affordable which supports looking stylish without having to spend too much.

Rubber Strap

Rubber referred to here is a material that is a mixture of plastic and rubber. Usually, the use of a rubber strap is identical to sporty watches because it is practical and very strong. This material is also waterproof, so it is often found on special diver watches. Apart from being lightweight, it is also flexible so it is very comfortable for everyday wear in various conditions. Compared to other watches, the durability of the rubber strap is quite good at an affordable price.

The number of activities that you do, of course, must be adjusted to the accessories used. Choosing a watch is not much different, those of you who often do outdoor activities or exercise regularly should have a sports watch that can help you during your activities. How, have you decided which Watches for men to choose?

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