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The Latest Fashion Trend for Spring Wedding Dresses in 2021/2022
Spring with its blossoming flowers and warm weather is the perfect season of the year to hold a wedding party. The latest fashion trends for wedding dresses come with a huge attention to interesting details. From a fairy tale-inspired to Bridgerton-inspired wedding dress, you won’t run out of options.... Read more
The Beautiful Choices of Wedding Dresses for 2021/2022
If you are coming to the fashion week lately and you have the specific choices for the dress which is so happening nowadays. You may prepare your wish list for the best choices and the hype fashionable wedding gowns which will make you gorgeous and stunning for your most... Read more
3 Trending Dresses for Girls for Wedding in 2021
Besides the wedding, the trending dresses for girls for wedding will help you nail all wedding-related events. You don’t need to be the bride, but you will need a stunning gown to be the maid of honor, after all. The Spring 2022 Bridal Fashion Week set the standard relatively... Read more
Fashionable Autumn Wedding Outfits to Make Your Special Day More Special
Autumn wedding outfit ideas are a lot. So, no need to worry for those of you who plan to celebrate your wedding day in autumn. Autumn is the season where the weather gets colder. So you probably do not want to wear something that shows much of your skin.... Read more
How to Choose Mother of the Bride Outfits?
When you are planning a wedding, you surely think about everything necessary, including the details like mother of the bride outfits. Just like you, your mother also wants to look beautiful in the special event. By picking a pretty outfit for your mother, this also means that you care... Read more
Give It A Go For Latest Fashion Trend Of Wedding Dresses
This pandemic situation doesn’t stop people from wish-listing dresses into their shopping cart. In my previous article, I’ve written about the versatility of dresses themselves. Through ages, dresses have always been women’s best buddy. Dresses accommodate women to relinquish their insecurities. There are times where the right size can... Read more
Be Gorgeous with These Simple Yet Elegant Dresses for Wedding Guests
Elegant dresses for wedding guests are identical to a glamorous impression. However, not all women love the glamorous and luxurious concept. Some girls are more comfortable in a simple dress when they come to a wedding celebration as a wedding guest. Do not get it wrong. You can still... Read more
Latest Fashion Bridesmaid Style That Rules in 2021
Wedding venue? Check. Decorations? Check. Wedding gown? Check. The next thing that you have to think about is how to make your lovely bridesmaid looks stunning. The concept of marriage during the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be slowly shifting the tradition of large weddings into private weddings with loved... Read more
The Best Bridal Fashion Trends for 2021’s Weddings
Do you have a plan to conduct a wedding ceremony and party this year? If yes, make sure to prepare all the things well. Indeed, the pandemic may cause anything to feel different. There will be fewer guests, less hype, and more. But it should not make your wedding... Read more
2021 Wedding Dress Trends: The Sustainability Concept is Included
Wedding dresses are one of the most important components in wedding celebrations. Wedding dresses come in various options and models. For example, a simple, strapless wedding dress, classic ball gown, and glamour, sexy mermaid wedding dress. A bride-to-be can choose the one that meets her personality and the wedding’s... Read more