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Spring and Summer Menswear Trends in 2021 Spring and Summer Menswear Trends in 2021
The presence of the new fashion is not only coming for female fashion lovers. Men, on the other hand, have tons of interesting things... Spring and Summer Menswear Trends in 2021

The presence of the new fashion is not only coming for female fashion lovers. Men, on the other hand, have tons of interesting things to explore especially if we take a look at the other spectrum. In this article, we will show you several things that will happen as the menswear trends in 2021. This year would be a bomb for those who love good-looking wardrobe ideas. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something unique to please yourself, keep reading this article!

Warm weather layering

Using layers in the summer might not be the best idea. However, it can be your best dressing-up decision if done properly. Instead of wearing heavy outerwear, you can use lightweight jackets and overshirts over summer-ready shirts, polos, or plain tees. If the weather gets too hot, you can remove the jacket.

What if you don’t want to carry your jacket? You can tie it around your shoulders, torso, or waist to maintain the visual appealing without increasing the temperature.

Mid-wash denim

On the other hand, you will never go wrong with denim. Raw or dark denim might be a bonafide stable when it comes to menswear. However, we need to adjust the practicality since the weather turns hot during the summer. The presence of mid-wash denim is such a savior. The color is a few shades lighter and goes versatile with almost everything. Regardless of your top, you will never go wrong with this piece.

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Nautical or everything inspired by the seas might not be the new fashion you are looking for. However, it turns quite interestingly for spring and summer fashion. You don’t need to go nautical from head to toe, but picking a few aspects will enhance your fashion dramatically.


Florals are going to be a hit in 2021’s spring and summer fashion trends. This style has been one of the overarching trends at least for the last five years, even though the fashion itself comes from the 1970s. The floral prints are manifested as a la grandma’s curtains. But you will be surprised at how wearable the term is. Today, from Tom Ford to Burberry splashed lots of bold florals onto shirts, shorts, and many more. If you plan to make florals as one of your fashion statements, be sure to keep one piece per outfit.

Relaxed tailoring

Relaxed tailoring will also be another trend in 2021. It shows breezy silhouettes with fitting cuts without leaving a cool impression. This style might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, you can get a nicely done look if you know how to execute. Relaxed cuts will still be flattering as long as they fit properly.


In the last few years, high fashion and the great outdoors tried their change with each other. Today, they look like an in-love couple that cannot be separated from each other. This fashion style is called gorpcore. Regardless of the name, the trend will remain for at least a couple of years later.

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The gorpcore trend has started its wave from collaborations like Gucci x The North Face and Palace x Arc’teryx. It is a solid sign that outdoor gears get along well with fashion in many ways. Today, you can pursue your hobby while staying in style.


Bare ankles

Bare ankles are one of those old habits that are hard to die. If you love to put your ankles on constant display, this trend will suit you. All you need to do is to brandish the lower portions of your leg to get it done for the summer months. And if you are into the new fashion, this one should be one of your things.

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