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Some Fashion Trend Items That All Men Must Have Some Fashion Trend Items That All Men Must Have
Boys do seem simple and don’t want to be too complicated in dressing. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear monotonous clothes and... Some Fashion Trend Items That All Men Must Have

Boys do seem simple and don’t want to be too complicated in dressing. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear monotonous clothes and that’s all. Are you looking for the latest men’s fashion trend inspiration to look contemporary? Come on, update your dress style with seven types of fashion items that today’s men must have!

White Shirt

A white shirt is one of the must-have clothes for today’s men. From wearing it to the office to hanging out with friends, white shirts can always be counted on when you need a cool men’s fashion style. The white color is indeed versatile and also gives a professional impression. Not only a complementary outfit but a white shirt can also be combined with various subordinates such as jeans or chinos.


A blazer can be a smart alternative to a bomber jacket or sweater. Usually made of a layer of cotton, canvas, linen, or light wool. The blazer is perfect for a warm spring. However, details like patch pockets or open stitching will add a casual and cool accent. Try pairing a navy or burgundy blazer with a basic t-shirt and slim-cut denim for a casual yet striking look.

Plain T-shirt

Surely this one shirt is in your closet. Plain t-shirts are comfortable to use and suitable for everyday life. If you want to attend a more formal event, you can mix it with your favorite jacket or outerwear. A few tips for you, try to be bolder in choosing colors, monochrome colors are synonymous with men, but pastel colors are also now quite commonly used in men’s fashion. These colors will also make your appearance look fresher.

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Sneakers are shoes that were primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise but are now also widely used for everyday life. Sneakers also have various types such as slip-on sneakers, athletic kicks, denim sneakers, classic canvas sneakers, and many others. Do you have this sneaker as your fashion trend?

Chino Pants

Just as the name suggests, Chino pants do come from China. This type of pants has been the prima donna for Millennial boys for the last few years. The material is thinner than jeans and the model is not too formal are the reasons why these pants are a must in Millennial men’s fashion.

Denim Jackets

This jacket will make you macho like Dilan in the 1990 Dilan movie. Available in various colors and models, denim jackets will complement your men’s fashion style as a modern guy.



One of the must-have fashion items for a stylish man is sunglasses. Because sunglasses will emphasize your style, be cooler and also look fashionable. Don’t forget to pay attention to the model of the glasses. Choose one that has an elegant design, but can attract attention.

White Shoes

Shoes of all time. White shoes have always been a fashion trend every year, including for men’s fashion. It is not surprising that many big brands such as Adidas, Nike and which recently attracted the attention of Millennials with their disruptor shoes, FILA, always launch their white shoe collections every season. Don’t worry about looking dirty, because white shoes give their users a distinct impression.

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In the digital era and the development of smartphones, it seems like many Millennial guys don’t use watches. Watches can help make your appearance look cooler and more up-to-date, you know. If you are bored with the usual watch models, try using a watch made by a well-known smartphone brand that can meet the typical needs of Millennial watches today.

Do you want to be a modern man? Try to have all of those items which always become the fashion trend! Good luck!

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