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Post-Pandemic Fashion Trend Post-Pandemic Fashion Trend
Fashion is a lifestyle that never dies no matter what, even during the world war. As we all know, fashion circles around and renews... Post-Pandemic Fashion Trend

Fashion is a lifestyle that never dies no matter what, even during the world war. As we all know, fashion circles around and renews itself every once in a while. It is fun and engaging to follow the fashion trend and anticipate what is about to come.

This year is supposedly the first year when we finally could go out freely again. That statement pop up a question, what to wear? Someone’s closet might already be full of pajamas and loungewear. Are we going to continue going out in those? Or what? First, let’s see how we dress pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, and finally, we’ll decide on what to wear post-pandemic.


Right before Covid-19, 2019 to be precise, the trend seems to be going for a romantic look with puffy-sheer sleeves and a twist of 80’s style on the shoulders. Bold ruffles and oversized silhouettes are highly encouraged. This is supposed to be giving a hint of the end of the minimalist fashion trend. Bold leopard prints are also appearing in dresses, pants, skirts, and jumpsuits. 2019 is about playfulness and exaggeration, except for the bag. That year’s bags are exceptionally small that you cannot fit anything but your lipstick inside.


The only thing that looks quite simple is boiler suits which somehow are trending during that year. Originally, this kind of clothing is worn by manual workers to protect them from harm in the workplace. This suit is functional as well as fashionable. Maybe this style is hinting us that the trend is about to change again into another level of comfort.

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Along with boiler suits, bike shorts with blazers is a pretty strange combination that actually nailed the look just fine. Although this look is not suitable for formal occasions and not so casual either. But for streetwear purposes, this look is very chic. This combo by a total accident is a nice transition to the comfort era of Covid-19.

During pandemic

Pandemic is still going on as we speak, so it is quite obvious that everybody simply wants comfort or sporty as some people chose to work out at home during this time. In general, people wear loungewear, pajamas, slippers, sandals, and sweatshirts. Anything comfy and fluffy works.

People are craving things soft like a teddy bear texture, knitwear, or velvet. And the favorite color during this time is mostly neutral colors. During this time, the fashion trend is completely unplanned and it just happened. Nobody sees this comfy and homey trend coming, which basically messes up the designer’s ideas of this year’s trend would be.


People are eager to go outside again and hit the road in chic and stylish clothes. The problem is, nobody really knows where the trend would go. Everything is still just speculation and anticipation made by fashionistas and designers since Covid-19 brings so much change in the fashion industry. But the anticipation seems to be in a positive light.

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During many brands’ virtual runway shows, the designs are infuriating and elaborately fit together. Flowy dresses, funky and colorful designs. The design is unleashing the fashion boredom with colorful and multi-textured dresses. Fashionistas who are experiencing fashion withdrawal can finally hope for a new era of another lavish attire.

Back to a life before this pandemic of looking into the closet deciding what clothes to wear, which shoes to match it up with, what bag to carry, and what accessory to wear.  In the post-pandemic era, we might really have to say goodbye to sweatshirts, baggy pants, and our fluffy slippers. Say hi to a colorful and fun fashion trend!

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