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Novel Trends During Covid-19 Novel Trends During Covid-19
Comfortable is the new trendy during the pandemic. As society is shifting, so is the fashion trend. People are becoming more frugal in spending... Novel Trends During Covid-19

Comfortable is the new trendy during the pandemic. As society is shifting, so is the fashion trend. People are becoming more frugal in spending their money on clothing which is surfacing sustainability as another concern. And people are interpreting fashion differently. What used to be weird, is no longer weird. We’ll uncover some fashion trends that probably won’t be trending without Covid-19.


It is absolutely normal nowadays to go outside in our pajamas. Some people are thanking this pandemic for this pajamas trend. Going around the house in pajamas is obviously fine, but going out to grocery stores or meeting out with a friend is okay too. Famous celebrities are wearing pajamas to award ceremonies and other formal events.


You really can go anywhere in pajamas and no one will judge. Especially if you wore those comfy pajamas with a nice pair of shoes and a matching purse. Pajamas also come in different patterns, like floral, unlike the old times when pajamas are mostly plain or soft embossed with a similar color.

Face masks

The must-have item during this pandemic and also the most eye-catching one is face masks. Instead of seeing a woman’s beautiful face and colorful makeup, we see their face masks first. So, now face masks have officially made it into the fashion industry. A whole bunch of mask styles is available, ranging from plain black masks to showy beaded ones. Some are sold in sets with dresses or other pieces of clothing.

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To keep up with this pandemic fashion trend, of course, we have to add up an extra accessory to our face masks. It is definitely new, the mask strap and masks chain. Those are pretty items that are very useful to keep our masks intact even when we take them off when we are about to eat some delicacies.


When we are stuck inside our homes most of the time, the last thing we want to wear roaming around the house is high-heels or fashionable boots. The footwear industry is going insanely creative as demand is plummeting for comfy wear because the global influence of social media has gotten us into the need of feeling good and also looking good even if we stay at home. Slipper gets more color options and added texture, like studded or classic fluffy soft synthetic fur or even animal-shaped ones. And people starting going out in their fun slippers too.

Socks and sandals

When you finally need to go outside, try this combo. This one is definitely rocking during this pandemic fashion trend. Sock and sandals were never seen as a nice pair back in the days, but turn out, it is quite nice looking together. Casual attire matches perfectly with these, but weirdly, even midi dresses look really good paired with socks and sandals. Flowy summery dress and stripe dress works too. Katie Holmes even wore sheer shocks and slightly heeled sandals on a formal affair.

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Thanks to the online meeting phenomenon that focuses on the shoulder up, head accessories are hyping, including headband. This fashion trend really is taking the spotlight since people take more attention to the upper side of the body only when doing online meetings. And yes, completely ignoring the rest of the body. Headbands come in a lot of colorful and fun options. Ranging from plain soft colors to bright floral print. Some jewelers even create headbands with pearl and birthstone.

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