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New Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer Women’s Footwear of 2021 New Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer Women’s Footwear of 2021
Looking stylish from head to toe needs you to wear a chic pair of shoes. Wearing nice-looking clothes but no good shoes? Big no... New Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer Women’s Footwear of 2021

Looking stylish from head to toe needs you to wear a chic pair of shoes. Wearing nice-looking clothes but no good shoes? Big no no! Lucky you that new fashion trends in 2021 also come with fabulous spring/ summer shoe collections. They will not only complement your chic look but also comfortable to wear. Take a look at the following trendy shoes to upgrade your fashion style this year.

Chic Flip-Flops

Summer is all about wearing something comfortable to optimize air circulation during the hot days in the season. That is why flip-flops always have a special place in people’s hearts for summer attire. Imagine yourself looking so stylish and comfortable with the flip-flops while having fun on your favorite beach. This year’s summer flip-flops come with classic shapes. It is good since the style is timeless.

The upgrade made on the footwear can be found in the leather material used. Not only that but you can also see that thick rubber soles are also more common on flip-flops this year. The upgrade on the rubber soles will make you feel more comfortable when wearing the flip-flops.


Stylish Anklet

If you adore open-style footwear to keep you comfortable in the summer while maintaining your chic look, a stylish anklet is a perfect option to take. This footwear is not only comfortable and keeps your feet cool but also elegant. The leather straps that wrap around your legs are definitely a summer style goal.

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This gladiator shoe-like has a unique design and comes with elegant colors of black and mustard. One of the best things about anklets is that you can wear it for various occasions. Either it is simply for shopping in the malls or a lively summer party, you will never go wrong with this footwear.

Unique Shoe Chains

It is like you put more accessories to the existing accessories. While chain necklaces are often used as jewelry, their functions have improved significantly in the recent years. You can see them on more fashion items now, including shoes. Instead of opting plain shoes, you can pick up the ones with golden chains added to them.

This will make your summer style look more sophisticated. Aside from gold chains, you can also choose the ones made of silver. These shoe chains have been a huge trend since last year and don’t show the signs to slow down. Many world’s fashion brands have released runaway examples of chain shoes. They include Versace and Victoria Beckham.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are a new fashion trend this summer and spring for many good reasons. They will not only create a smart look on the wearers but also comfortable. Oxford shoes can be a great alternative to take this summer if you want to take a break from your stiletto and pumps for a while. These shoes are casual but chic flats with a two-tone leather that will be a perfect option to wear this summer. One of the big brands that include Oxford shoes in its catwalk is Louis Vuitton.

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Fishnet Heels and Flats

If you like to make statements with your fashion options, make sure to add these fishnet shoes to your wardrobe. These fishnet-inspired shoes have flooded the street scenes of big cities like NY since last summer. They are unique with elegant designs and beautiful colors. Fishnet-inspired fashion items aren’t only seen on footwear. They were spotted for the first time on the netted grocery bags launched by Jacquemus.

Their collection was a big success last year. Then Fendi followed the examples by Jacquemus and released their feminine and ultra-chic footwear. Meanwhile, Dior opted to launch fishnet flats that are also perfect for summer.

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