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New Fashion Trends: 6 Best Summer Hats in 2021 New Fashion Trends: 6 Best Summer Hats in 2021
Need something to shield your face in style this summer? Well, you will need a perfect hat for that. The following headpieces are a... New Fashion Trends: 6 Best Summer Hats in 2021

Need something to shield your face in style this summer? Well, you will need a perfect hat for that. The following headpieces are a new fashion trend to protect your head and face during the hot days of the season. They are not only functional but also colorful to embrace the spirit of summer. Either it is for going to the beach, picnicking, or weekend trips, they are perfect for many occasions. So, are you ready for these trendy summer hats? Check this out!

A Gondolier Style Hat

Perhaps, this is one of the most popular hats all of time. This is a gondolier-style straw hat that will look sweet on you. It comes with a wide brim to shield your face from sun’s exposure perfectly. This gondolier-style straw hat will be a perfect option to take if you love simplicity on your headpiece. It has a simple faux leather band that makes the headpiece even prettier. Due to its size and its simple design, this hat is a perfect complement for your everyday summer style.


A Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

This is a hat that can be worn by both women and men. Being a part of Fenty collection owned by Rihanna, this bucket hat is a ready-to-go piece. It will save your day, especially if you need to go somewhere in a casual but stylish look. So, make sure to add this tie-dye bucket hat to your summer fashion collection.

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A Wool-Felt Hat

There is nothing better than having a hat that feels so smooth on your head while protecting it from sunlight. This hat comes with a Brixton rancher style that is perfect for a summer vacation. The neutral color of the hat will blend perfectly with your colorful summer outfits. It has a chic shade of off-white that is easy to pair with most attire. The elegant design of the hat will make even your casual outfits look more stylish. As for the price, it will not dry up your pocket. This Brixton rancher style hat is quite affordable considering how elegant the design is.

Versatile Straw Hats

This versatile straw hat is a new fashion trend that you should add to your summer accessories. It is the hat you often see on classic paintings in which the figures are having a picnic on summer days. The cute design of the hat is what you need to elevate your summer style. You will find it very easy to pair the hat with various summer outfits like denim shorts, floral summer dresses, and linen pants.

Chic Woven Visors

Your summer collection will never be complete with a piece or two of chic woven visors. Being made of natural materials, these hats will be a part of your contribution in saving the planet. They use canes of the rattan palm that are beautifully woven to create a functional and stylish hat. The minimalist design of the hat is perfect to be worn when you are on the beach. Not only that but you can wear these woven visors for a street scene.

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A Lime Green Woven Hat

If you think of a new fashion trend for this summer, this green woven hat is perfect. The wide brim of the hat will cover your entire face easily during the hottest days of the year. When the sun’s exposure is more tolerable for your skin, you can fold the hat. This will allow you to let only a little part of the brim to cover your face. Meanwhile, the lime green color of the woven hat is really refreshing.

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