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New Colors in Fashion Trend New Colors in Fashion Trend
Fashion is not only related to models but also colors. The color trend in fashion may change season by season. It determines how fashion... New Colors in Fashion Trend

Fashion is not only related to models but also colors. The color trend in fashion may change season by season. It determines how fashion designers mix and match their fashion products and also the fashion trend. So, what is the color trend for Spring and Summer?


This color is inspired by a flower known as Marigold. The color of this flower is a combination between golden orange and yellow. Fashion designers love to use this color due to the warming presence. The color seems to create a cheerful vibe in Spring and Summer. The leaves and flowers in Spring and Summer often have orange and yellow colors.



Rust is a color  inspired by the brown color of autumn leaves. This color derives from the combination of burnt red and orange color. It is bright and soft yet bold enough. Because of that, fashion items with rust color can make wearers charming. Some celebrities and public figures also love to wear fashion items with a rust color, including Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle. Indeed, it is a popular color in the fashion trend.


Cerulean is another color trend inspired by nature. The color represents the crystal clear day. Due to its inspiration, it means that cerulean looks powdery blue hue or pale blue. See the color of the sky on a clear day. You will see cerulean color there. It is a perfect color for those who love blue. A fashion item with cerulean color is also an alternative if you want to wear something calming besides marigold.

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Spring and Summer are also identical with a sunny day. This color is inspired by the sunshine that comes in as clouds disperse. That’s why the base color of illuminating color is yellow. This color becomes one of the color trends in the fashion trend due to the friendly and joyful vibe. This color has a good impact to improve confidence and optimism. Indeed, you look charming and stand out when you are wearing a fashion style with this color.

Green Ash

Green is always correlated with nature. Green ash captures gardening, hiking, or outdoor activities as a new trend. This color is softer than the bold green. We can say that green ash is the regeneration of plants. It looks like a young leaf that comes from plants.



Mint is the darker version of green ash. This color is similar to the color of mint leaves. Fashion designers are not only taking the color of the mint but also its characters. The taste of mint leaves is refreshing in your mouth. It is expected that a fashion item with mint color can also refresh your style.

Burnt Coral

A coral reef is beautiful. It is the reason why fashion designers take coral reefs as an inspiration to create a new color. Burnt coral is a combination of pale pink and pale orange. The color is soft and warm. Some designers say that this color makes the wearers or people who see them feel comfortable. The color is also beautiful enough to wear during Spring and Summer.

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Amethyst Orchid

This color is the new generation of purple. Like the name, it looks similar to the color of an orchid. You can wear fashion items with amethyst orchid color to show your uniqueness.

The point is that most of the color trends are inspired by nature. The colors are also soft and warm in which they are representing the Spring and Summer vibe. You only have to mix and match the colors and pick the right fashion items. Designers can also get a new fashion trend with the rise of the colors above. The most important thing is that you are more confident and comfortable by using the right fashion style with the right colors.

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