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Latest Spring and Summer Fashion Trend for Men 2021 Latest Spring and Summer Fashion Trend for Men 2021
Who can’t wait to welcome Spring and Summer? For those of you who are bored with cold and windy weather, this is the time... Latest Spring and Summer Fashion Trend for Men 2021

Who can’t wait to welcome Spring and Summer? For those of you who are bored with cold and windy weather, this is the time for you to update the contents of your wardrobe with clothes that are suitable for use during Spring and Summer. Want to know what is the latest fashion that will be hype in 2021? Check this out!

Flower-flower everywhere

The floral pattern is identical to Summer and Spring. It seems that 2021 is the year when floral motifs will hit again. A floral cotton shirt is perfect for pairing with plain Bermuda pants. Bermuda floral pants are still suitable to be combined with a simple shirt if you want to flip it. Casual vibes and floral patterns can also be combined with tailored suits on more formal occasions.

Shirts with floral patterns also go well with overwashed jeans, both long and short. A few tips for changing your jeans to become overwashed jeans are to wash them using beach sand and seawater. You can take a vacation while transforming the jeans you have into the latest fashion icon on the rise this season.

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How About Stripes?

The stripes motif is predicted to become a much-loved motif in 2021. The combination of chino pants with a vertically striped polo shirt will give two different impressions: simplicity and a slimmer body shape. For the colour combination, it seems that the earth tone colour will still be an idol. The stripes motif will not look boring because you can have different colours, spacing, and thickness.


The horizontal stripe motif with navy and broken white also seems suitable to accompany your days during the Spring and Summer seasons. The combination of the t-shirt and the thin cardigan draped over the shoulders will give a masculine yet relaxed impression.

Layered Clothes in The Middle of Warm Weather? Why Not!

The Spring and Summer seasons are relatively warmer than the previous season. However, there is nothing wrong if you still want to use a layered outfit. Choose a jacket that is light and not too thick. Don’t forget to wear a representative t-shirt or polo shirt inside. If the weather gets too hot, you can open your jacket and make it an additional accessory by tying it around your waist or shoulders. Apart from jackets, you can also wear a thin knit cardigan or wear a vest over your polo shirt.

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As White as Snow

Snow is already gone but choosing white for your outfit is an excellent choice for the Spring and Summer seasons. Dark-coloured clothes will absorb more heat and make you uncomfortable. You can try the combination of a white t-shirt with matching chino pants with leather sneakers. This combination can’t ever go wrong.


Talking about leather sneakers, it seems that this shoe model will be in great demand in 2021. The use of leather sneakers is broad and flexible enough to be used even though the seasons have changed. For seasons with warmer temperatures, wearing leather sneakers will be sweeter if you follow the bare ankles style, which looks pretty casual and summer vibe.

Men with Kimono

Kimono style is closely related to women’s clothes. However, these Japanese cut clothes have now begun to penetrate the men’s clothing market. The kimono cut gives a unique yet straightforward impression. This shirt is very effortless for you who like to look different from most people.

You can adjust the tightness level of kimono clothes according to the taste you have. During the hot season, looser clothes are more comfortable to wear. The linen kimono will be the latest fashion trend in the Spring and Summer 2021 seasons.

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This kimono shirt can be mixed and matched with any subordinate, such as trousers of the same material and color, short Bermuda pants or your favorite jeans. Kimono is also very suitable for sandals, although wearing shoes together with clothes is no less fantastic.

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