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Korean Women’s Wear That Rocks 2021 Korean Women’s Wear That Rocks 2021
When it comes to the current fashion trend, we should include Korean fashion on the list. Both men’s and women’s categories are interested to... Korean Women’s Wear That Rocks 2021

When it comes to the current fashion trend, we should include Korean fashion on the list. Both men’s and women’s categories are interested to discuss. Also, they have some of the best collections in the world. Seoul is a trendy city which is one of the fashion capitals in the world. It is no wonder if Korean fashion becomes more popular from time to time.

The presence of K-dramas and K-pop cultures has set a high fashion standard. It makes the Koran fashion skyrockets around the world. In this article, we will show you several fashion items that become a trend in 2021. Since Korean fashion moves very fast, you need to keep your heads up.

Modern Hanbok

Hanbok is an icon of Korea. Even though this one is not a trend as such, modern Korean hanboks deserve a place on the list. Even though this one is part of traditional Korean clothing, people still wear modern hanbok on special occasions such as weddings. Hanbok comes stunning and pretty. However, it is not a practical choice in any way. You need a long time to put the entire set on your body, is very heavy, and poofy.


The presence of modern hanboks allows everyone to wear hanbok in a realistic way for daily situations. While the traditional design elements remain, the entire dress is smaller, lighter, and subtler in colors. Also, children can wear modern Korean hanboks due to the modernized version. Thus, you shouldn’t miss this trend.

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Tennis skirts

Tennis skirts are popular in Korea, even though this one is not a Korean style in the first place. However, you can find this fashion piece on the streets of Seoul. A few years back, these skirts hit popularity. You can keep this item on your wardrobe since the popularity will remain a couple of years later.

Even though tennis skirts are more famous among young adults and teens, all ages are great in them. Wearing a pleated skirt will make you look bubbly and feel cuter. Looking at the fashion trend of tennis skirts, you are great with them and any top you love. Other than that, you can nail your outfit with heels or flat shoes. Flat shoes elevate the cuteness very well. Tennis skirts generally work fine with any kind of footwear. It is a worthy investment for your wardrobe.


Ankle pants

If you are a person who prefers trousers over anything, you should include ankle pants in your wardrobe. As its name suggests, the length of the pants reached your ankle. You would look great wearing this when the weather is medium-warm. Meanwhile, Koreans love wearing these pants during spring and fall. Ankle pants are excellent with both loose and tight tops, as long as the colors compliment each other. You can also nail your OOTD with various open shoes. Ankle pants are comfortable to wear. Wearing these pants at formal and casual events is not an issue at all.

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Puff sleeves

Puffed sleeves are another fashion trend that you need to keep an eye on. Even though puffed sleeves are not unique to a specific clothing type, puffed sleeves on dresses and shirts are popular in Korea. Ribbed shirts, for instance, are the most common fashion item which you will find puffy sleeves on.

Puffed sleeves add sophistication to your outfit while being as simple as you want. Other than that, your outfit looks more unique and comfortable without going too much. The sleeves come in various designs. All you need to do is find the one that suits you the most. You can nail the fashion trend in Korea with a puffed-sleeved dress.

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