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Korean Spring 2021 Fashion Trend Korean Spring 2021 Fashion Trend
Korean Fashion Trend for Spring 2021 must be interesting especially if you want to look fabulous with street style. These items can be included... Korean Spring 2021 Fashion Trend

Korean Fashion Trend for Spring 2021 must be interesting especially if you want to look fabulous with street style. These items can be included in your closet for supporting the best spring look this year.

Ankle-Length Pants

Unisex clothes become part of the fashion trend last year. It is pretty popular and it seems that we can find it more this spring. There is no surprise if you already have a pair of jeans with the ankle-length feature in your closet.

However, it is spring anyway, and wearing jeans can be too stuffy for the warm season. In this circumstance, loose pants can be a more suitable choice. It should be made from breathable fabric. You can try this style for getting the Korean spring vibe in your look.


Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves are still loved by Koreans for this spring style. It is pretty versatile and it seems that we can find more people wearing this style this spring. It can be applied to dresses, shirts, and even jackets. By simply have the puffed sleeves detail, your clothes will not look plan.

The sleeves will give extra flair to your look. This detail can be applied with various sizes, shapes, and also materials. Styling puffy sleeves clothes can be super easy as well. You can simply wear it with a mini skirt or simple denim jeans.

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Button-Up Dresses

Button-up dresses are not rare at all in Korean Fashion Trend. You can walk on the road and find many Korean girls wearing clothes with this detail. Some of them look like a long blazer. Nevertheless, you can also find the utility dress with button-up details. You might think that it is part of the preppy trend.

However, Koreans make it more cheerful by using seasonal colors for their button-up dresses. To style this dress, you can just layer it. you can also try to combine the dress with comfortable sneakers, cute heels, or tall boots.


Well, florals are not a new style for spring. Spring is identical with flower blooms everywhere including in your clothes. Some people think that it sounds boring but Koreans still love this trend for their spring fashion. Wearing a floral dress this spring can speak a lot for the season and the mood, for sure.

Most Koreans love neutral or bright florals for their spring look. However, you can also find the darker floral dress for special occasions. One thing for sure, floral dresses can be found everywhere and anyone can find the most suitable one for them.


Tennis Skirts

If you are looking for an everlasting trend in Korean fashion for spring, it must be tennis skirts. They love tennis skirts for every occasion. This trend might be very popular a few years ago but it is still loved by many Korean girls this season as well.

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You can make an investment for a nice tennis skirt and you will find it perfect for every spring. Styling this skirt is super easy as well. You will love to wear the skirt during the warmer season for sure. Wearing a tennis skirt does not always look feminine. Many options are available to meet your fashion preference.

Cropped Tops

Last but not least, this spring will be lively with the cropped tops. It is not a new fashion item because it is worn a lot by Koreans for a while. Since people in Korea is getting less conservative in terms of fashion, you might want to show more skin by wearing the cropped top. This street style look will be a great Fashion Trend to boost your popularity. You can still look cute when wearing it anyway.

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