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Korean Men’s Fashion Trends in 2021 Korean Men’s Fashion Trends in 2021
Talking about the new fashion, the sense of Korean fashion is always beyond. They always come up with new trends that people will instantly... Korean Men’s Fashion Trends in 2021

Talking about the new fashion, the sense of Korean fashion is always beyond. They always come up with new trends that people will instantly follow. From street wear collections to fancy suits, you will be surprised with how nice looking the pairing is.

Men’s fashion, on the other hand, is predicted to be epic in 2021 with Korea as the main trendsetter. The style follows zero rules while the look is inspiring as always. In this article, we will try to break down the trends that may appear in 2021. As we all know, Korean men’s fashion trends come with an utter lack of dos and don’ts. In the end, Korean fashion is painfully chic.

Athletic and leisure

We call this trend athleisure because it seems like you can wear it for exercising and going on a date at the same time. It has become steadily popular in recent years. Also, there is no sign that this trend will be slowing any time soon. South Korea has executed this style excellently.

They pair high fashion pieces with casual joggers, baseball caps, and basketball shorts. You can go everywhere comfortably without going out of style. Want to try this style? You can wear a smart Barbour waxed cotton jacket over Adidas three-stripe joggers.

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Monochrome traditionally means one color hue. Since we are talking about Korean new fashion, you can take some liberty around here.  Your outfit doesn’t need to follow one color on the same shade. You can mix patterns from the same color root as well. For instance, a baby blue striped shirt will look chic and trendy with medium wash jeans.

Topping the outfit with a navy jacket will build a trendy monochromatic look on you. To break up the color, consider wearing shoes with a bright accent or a boldly patterned backpack. When you wear all black, you need something to prevent monotony.


Neon is simply the opposite spectrum of monochrome. Meanwhile, this color trend will be huge in 2021. Korean fashion has adopted this color for some time now. If you take a look at the k-pop-inspired street wear trend, neon has become the idols to-go choice. You can wear a piece of outfit to make a statement. It can be a jacket or a pair of shoes. Don’t be afraid of this color trend, even though you are a conservative dresser. Neon colors might not be everyone’s piece of cake. As long as you are confident, there is nothing to stop you.

Oversized fashion wear

The grunge era of the 90s has made a big trend in today’s fashion trend. Both men and women love wearing this kind of outfit, especially in South Korea. If you are up for an oversized look, be sure to keep its balance. Patterns may look good even if you go with this style, but you want to keep it simple or better non-existent.

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Meanwhile, embroidered jeans pockets or an asymmetrical hem would be more suitable with an oversized look. Also, wear slim pants when you wear a baggy shirt, and vice versa. Combining oversized fashion and neon trends is such a good idea in many ways.

Destroyed denim

Destroyed denim has been all over the world for the past few years. It seems like the more destroyed jeans are the better. At some point, wearing barely-handing-on jeans looks ultra-cool. Thus, this style fits Korean fashion well. If you are going to try this fashion, balance and confidence are the keys. The best part of the destroyed denim trend is that you can experiment with it through DIY projects. Korean fashion is your way to keep up with the new fashion.

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