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Key Fashion Trends You Need for 2021 Key Fashion Trends You Need for 2021
When it comes to the fashion trend, we always conclude that it is part of fast fashion. At some point, the fast pace makes... Key Fashion Trends You Need for 2021

When it comes to the fashion trend, we always conclude that it is part of fast fashion. At some point, the fast pace makes fashion more interesting from time to time. However, you don’t need to follow every single new trend you’ve seen in the magazine.

Today, slow fashion has become another trend. It makes fashion much admirable and joyful at the same time. Since clothes are mostly not disposable, it is crucial to think about how you live your life while still holding on to your responsibility towards the environment.

Pandemic made fashion paused. The production stopped, shops closed, no catwalks, and so on. On the other hand, it makes several better habits which one of them is slow fashion. If slow fashion is new for your wardrobe, you can read this article thoroughly. Owning these key pieces allows you to keep up with the trend without following the fast-paced environment caused by the flashing trends in the fashion industry.

Smart cardigans

Cardigans are surely not a new fashion piece. However, fast fashion showed us that certain styles only targeted specific users. Smart cardigans, on the other hand, are different than the trends we saw yesterday. It is often chunky and oversized, but smart. Smart cardigans are also a type of thing worn by Coco Chanel in Scotland with pearls and brogues, instead of something you wear with holy cuffs to sneak your thumbs.

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This cardigan will be more stand out with various assets, such as brass buttons, braid-trimmed pockets, and colors. Going too neutral won’t help you to nail the slow fashion trend with smart cardigans. Make your cardigan a trophy piece!


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit this world last year, everything suddenly stopped. People didn’t wear their favorite hangout pieces and invest more in comfy wear. Since everyone should stay at home, they started buying tons of sweatpants. Today, we all still fight the virus. On the other hand, sweatpants have become part of the trend even though it doesn’t mean that the pandemic made the trend.

Sweatpants have been worn by joggers since years ago. Today, we can pair the trousers with various tops we want. Whether you go to a grocery store or meeting your client at a coffee shop, you will never go wrong with sweatpants. Have you ever heard of the athleisure trend? This trend will benefit a lot from sweatpants. Since today you can buy the smarter version of sweatpants, there is no place you cannot go with this fashion staple.


The 18-hour dress

The dress is called the 18-hour dress with a purpose. You can wear the dress all day long, from morning to evening.
For instance, you can wear nu-boho midi dresses for nailing your picnic dates while the tiered skirts and ruffles make them dressy enough for an evening party. What about the shirt dress? A shirt dress is appropriate enough for a business meeting while still fun for those who need to attend another event afterward.

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On the other hand, you can bring a strong impression with a high-waisted sheath dress. It shows a modest look due to its demure high neckline. Avoid any rigidity to be comfortable in the dress all day. Sleeves would be essential too. However, you better keep the color as minimal as possible.

Final words

As mentioned earlier, we can nail the trend without following fast fashion in the first place. Owning those three staples above allows you to come out fashionable and trendy. So, go check out your wardrobe and find those timeless fashion pieces to wear tomorrow. The slow fashion trend is rocking 2021.

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