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Jewelry Trend for Summer 2021 Jewelry Trend for Summer 2021
Since it is summer, you want to show up your color more. It is not only about the clothes but also about the jewelry.... Jewelry Trend for Summer 2021

Since it is summer, you want to show up your color more. It is not only about the clothes but also about the jewelry. The jewelry Fashion Trend cannot be separated from colors and more details to make you stand out.


For your charming look this summer, you need to wear the charm necklace that will become a trend of summer 2021. To elevate your overall look further, your charm necklace can be paired with other colorful jewelry pieces. The charm will not only look great for a necklace.


Your summer look will be sweeter with hoop charm earrings. In summer, you can refuse the comfort of jeans and a white t-shirt. You can combine this look with a charm cluster necklace to make a statement. Nevertheless, the charm cluster necklace will also be a perfect pair with your summer dress.


It seems that pearl jewelry can be seen everywhere. Several public figures wear it. From politicians like Kamala Harris to celebrities like Harry Styles. It is time when pearls are in trend, especially for your summer look. You can make a bold fashion statement by wearing a pearl bracelet. Pearl necklace sounds pretty classic but you can update it by layering the pearl necklace with a charm pendant or even an initial necklace. You might also find it perfect to wear a pearl anklet as a combination for your cute summer sandals.

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Chain Link Necklace

What will it be when you are wearing a chain-link necklace? You can be the center of attention instantly. There is no doubt that you will stand out when wearing this necklace. This might be the reason why the chain link necklace is still happening as the Fashion Trend for this summer. If you want to make it more stand out, you only need to wear the thicker one. You will look bold when wearing a large-sized link necklace this summer. If the huge link necklace is too much for you, you can try to wear a smaller-sized one but you can layer it with different chain styles.

Bold Enamel

You can tell the world that it is summer by simply wearing something bright in colors. Bright colors represent summer the most. As for your jewelry this summer, you can try the enamel pieces with bold colors to grab people’s attention instantly. You can wear it as a necklace with neon colors. Nevertheless, wearing Huggies with candy color enamel will look great as well. You can make it more personal by adding charms, birthstones, or your initials. You can keep it simple such as by wearing an ear cuff but its bright color enamel coating will make it stand out effortlessly.

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Crystal Earrings

Summer might be familiar with sweat but the sweat will not stop you from dressing up to make your summer more colorful and livelier. That is why wearing crystal earrings can make you look extra this summer. Instead of wearing your everyday hoop earrings, you might want to add a summer vibe with the cheeky heart-shaped glitzy hoop earrings. It will give you a romantic summer look. You will also love the crystal drop earrings that will fall down to your beautiful shoulders.

Beaded Necklace

It will always be lovely to wear colorful beaded jewelry in the summer. However, you can upgrade your beaded jewelry by combining it with a medallion, shell, or pearl necklace. Wildflower beaded necklace with rainbow color will not only show the summer vibe but also the 90s vibe to your summer look. It is so pretty that it will become a Fashion Trend this summer. The colorful beaded necklace with pearl details for instance can give a pop of color when you wear your favorite plain white tee this summer.

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