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Japanese Fashion Trends in 2021 Japanese Fashion Trends in 2021
Knowing the current fashion trend requires you to be updated with fashion week events. Meanwhile, you should be aware of the style hub status... Japanese Fashion Trends in 2021

Knowing the current fashion trend requires you to be updated with fashion week events. Meanwhile, you should be aware of the style hub status for Tokyo. Locals are playing various colors when spring comes. They experiment with layers, exaggerate proportions, use clashing prints, incorporate dramatic silhouettes, and play a lot with tactile materials. The only common thing in the Japanese fashion industry is a face mask.

Japanese trends are unique, which emphasizes culture, self-expression, taking risks, and bring up the community. While Tokyo fashion is known for the interpretation of the daily personal style, it now focuses more on how you handle your look more than what’s on you.

Below, we have a list of some trends in the Japanese sense of fashion in 2021. These may bring a breath of new air to your wardrobe.

Bubblegum pink

Pink is a color that comes with dual nature. It has a soft crowd-pleasing look and a powerful punch at the same time. Meanwhile, bubblegum pink is quite striking, vibrant, and bright, which you would love to begin your 2021 with this color. In spring/summer 2021 runways, some big designers like MSGM, Molly Goddard, Cecilie Bahnsen, Gucci, and Chanel, incorporated bubblegum pink on their collections. Today, it is one of the most intoxicating tones.
Pairing bubblegum pink with neutrals will create a chic look with a powerful vibe while being fun at the same time.

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Pop and block

Pop and block are also part of the Japanese fashion trend in 2021. The trend encourages everyone to welcome a brighter future as the year started. Clashing rainbow hues are its statement. Keep in mind that you have to be confident with what you are wearing. Regardless of the style, it means nothing if you cannot get yourself together. So, you can pair graphic greens with pop colors to create a statement. However, you must follow the color wheel as this trend’s key rule.

Cozy coatigans

Coatigans are an official term now. It is a combination of a coat and cardigan. Of course, it is heavier than a sweater but keeps you warm during the colder months. Coatigans are made of thick yarn, which makes them lighter than outerwear.


Even though the style looks more popular in grandmas and librarians, it looks cooler now to stay in 2021.
Coatigans are often layered with colorful colors or bold patterns. Wearing this outfit with a dress or patterned blouse will create a cozy look without being out of style. Thus, welcoming colder seasons is not a problem anymore with a coatigan. Generally, coatigans give a classy impression. You can opt for unexpected pattern-blocking and asymmetrical designs to add a modern touch to this outer piece.

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Silver and metallics

Silver and metallics were a trend back then in the ’80s and came back in the 2000s. Today, you can enjoy the year of silver and metallics while being in style. Silver styles can look amazing on you as long as you don’t go overboard. If this is your first time with metallic things, you can test drive it through a splash of high shine look. For instance, apply sparkling hair, silvery eyeshadow, and metallic cheeks to make initiations.

Later, you can go with shiny clutches, metallic shoes, and many more. A shiny statement piece adds a personality to your collections. Sticking with neutrals and solid basics will be a good idea, especially if you plan to go with a shimmering pleated skirt. Silver and metallic shades are excellent to create a strong dramatic look. As long as you know how to stay with this fashion trend, you can achieve a sophisticated yet sexy look simultaneously.

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