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How to Choose Mother of the Bride Outfits? How to Choose Mother of the Bride Outfits?
When you are planning a wedding, you surely think about everything necessary, including the details like mother of the bride outfits. Just like you,... How to Choose Mother of the Bride Outfits?

When you are planning a wedding, you surely think about everything necessary, including the details like mother of the bride outfits. Just like you, your mother also wants to look beautiful in the special event. By picking a pretty outfit for your mother, this also means that you care about your mother and you respect, appreciate her for raising you for your whole life.

Selecting dresses for mothers of the bride and groom can be tricky due to a variety of factors. For example, ages and body shapes. But do not be worried. Below are some tips you can follow to choose fashionable mother of the bride dresses.

For A Romantic Look

If you look for a dress for your Mom that can create a romantic look, you can choose a knee-length dress or also known as a midi dress. This type of dress will make your Mom look younger. Do not forget to consider the color of the dress.

Pastel colors, such as beige, nude, and blush pink are popular nowadays. No matter the dress color you choose, make sure it matches your wedding theme or at least blend perfectly with it. Green and white are perfect colors for an outdoor wedding.

mother of the bride outfits midi dress

For an outdoor wedding concept, choose a knee-length dress made from silk or chiffon. This will make your mother look simple yet elegant. But if you plan to hold an indoor wedding, you can add details to the dress, like sequins. It will be one of the stylish mother of the bride dresses. This way, your Mom will look even more stunning.

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For A Modern Look

For the modern mother of the groom dresses, you can opt for a mermaid dress or a long dress with slit. For the colors, purple or gold is recommended. But you just need to choose colors that match your wedding theme. For the material of the dress, it will be better if you pick a dress that is made from shiny materials, like silk or satin. These materials will bring a glamorous impression to the dress. Do not forget to complete it with some accessories.

mother of the bride outfits purple slit long dress

A V-neck long dress will be perfect to combine with a pearl necklace or simple necklace in order to not leave the neck empty. Long earrings will also add even more elegance to your Mom’s look. Then, wear a pair of beige high heels to balance the colors and to prevent your Mom from drowning in the dress. For the hairstyle, opt for a simple hairstyle or classy hairstyle, such as a classy bun.

For an Elegant Look

If you want your mother to look elegant on your wedding day, prioritize simplicity. But simple does not mean boring and plain. You can choose a long dress combined with a bolero to make the style look more attractive. Or you can also add accents, such as lace or pleated parts.

While for the color of the dress, opt for dark colors like black or dark grey. This is a great choice if you prefer mature mother of the bride dresses. Avoid mini dresses, dresses with low cuts, bright dresses, and too many accessories.

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mother of the bride outfits bolero dress

For the hairstyle, a classy bun or wavy hairstyle will be perfect to complete elegant dresses. Apply a little bit of glitter for the makeup in order to accentuate the elegant look. This idea will be ideal for an indoor wedding that is held at night.

For A Glamorous Look

If you plan to hold a grand, luxurious wedding, it will definitely be more suitable for your mother to wear fancy mother of the bride dresses. But make sure the dress is not tacky, not too much, and suitable for your mom’s age. A glamorous look is indeed identical to flickering, glittery dresses.

But you need to know that being glamorous is not the same as being tacky or too much. White, silver, or gold dresses can be a good option. You can also opt for a simple dress with glamorous details.

mother of the bride outfits glamour dress

For instance, you can bring the glamour look through the jewelry or the material of the dress, such as sequins. Not many people wear black to a wedding party. But it will not make you look gloomy. Instead, a black dress will accentuate and strengthen the glamor impression. Add a black bolero to complete the dress and make it look more attractive. Black, long, lace dresses are glamorous mother of the bride outfits that should be in your list.

For A Classic Look

Simple mother of the groom dresses without too many details are the best option to create a classic look. You can choose a short sleeve long dress or bell sleeve long dress for your mom. If you apply a traditional theme for your wedding, you can also go for traditional gowns or outfits.

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For example, if you are Chinese, there is nothing wrong with giving your mother a Cheongsam dress to wear on your wedding day. But traditional outfits will be suitable if the bride and groom also wear traditional wedding gowns.


mother of the bride outfits cheongsam dresses

Traditional outfits tend to be in many details already. They are also mostly available in bright colors, like red. So, for the makeup, it will be better to apply neutral makeup or minimalist makeup in order to balance the look. Choose simple jewelry as well. For the hairstyle, near hairstyles are more recommended to complete the look.

Besides traditional outfits, you can also opt for a classy dress, such as an A-line organza dress in navy. Such a dress will show your mother’s natural beauty and it is also suitable for a night wedding. You can also add accents to the dress, like lace in the chest and back parts.

Those are some ideas and tips to choose dresses for the bride and groom’s mothers. You surely also want your beloved mother to look as beautiful as possible on your special day. It will complete your happiness, right? So, which mother of the bride outfits that attract your attention the most?

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