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Guessing The Fashion Trend In 2021 Guessing The Fashion Trend In 2021
2020 is a challenging year for almost all aspects of life, especially the fashion industry. With the encouragement of appeals to study, work, and... Guessing The Fashion Trend In 2021

2020 is a challenging year for almost all aspects of life, especially the fashion industry. With the encouragement of appeals to study, work, and worship from home, almost everyone’s interest in fancy and varied fashion and makeup has turned into a comfortable home dress model. Masks also become a new necessary thing to follow the new standard protocol. Then what about 2021?

Work from Home Fashion Trend

The number of offices implementing Work From Home has made the public switch to the fashion trend of home clothing. Starting from loungewear, sleepwear, loose wear in the form of oversized shirts combined with comfortable leggings compared to formal office wear. These home clothes can be easily integrated using a blazer or cardigan to make them look more formal during online meetings.


Don’t forget, we must include masks as one of the fashion trends in 2021 since the spread of Covid-19 and the mandatory use of masks as part of the new standard protocol. Various models of masks that can be adjusted according to needs have emerged. The KN95 mask, consisting of 5 plies layers, has been chosen a lot by medical personnel—the KF94 mask claims not to damage makeup. And the most hype mask, the duckbill-style mask can give a tapered impression on the face. The colors and motifs vary; they can be adjusted to the outfit we are going to use.

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Color Selected Fashion Trend 2021

In 2021, it seems that neutral, and pastel colors such as earth tone, lilac, and cream are still an option. This collection of colors will give you a relaxed, warm and comfortable impression. For the chosen motifs in early 2021, it seems that the tie-dye motif is still being hit. However, from the middle of the year to the end of the year, the fashion trend will shift to geometric motifs that are soft or plain.

Simple is The Best

For the popular bag fashion trend in 2021, it seems to be more towards simple bags with easy access to tools that support health protocols such as wet tissue, spare masks, and hand sanitizers. In addition, bags made of PVC with a simple sling bag or tote bag model will become a fashion trend this year. PVC bags are easier to clean using a hand sanitizer or wash with water after traveling.

No More Heavy Makeup

The lack of travel activities makes makeup not a top priority for some people. In addition to being a place for bacteria and viruses to attach, heavy makeup is considered useless because we often cover our faces with masks when traveling. Now the full makeup trend has changed to natural makeup, which makes us look fresher without bothering to take a shower. The use of skincare is also considered to be more important than makeup. Wearing a mask for a long time can cause many skin problems, such as mask acne.

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Minimalism and Zero Waste Lifestyle.

The amount of time spent at home has made some people realize the high visual pollution around us. If in the pre-pandemic period, buying unnecessary items or clothes had no effect (other than on finances, of course), but the accumulated items now give the residents anxiousness and feelings of discomfort.

This has led to the rise of the minimalism lifestyle, impacting the fashion trend in 2021. Many people declutter. The emergence of vloggers with cleaning and decluttering themed video contributed to the spread of this lifestyle. Home decor with the shabby chic and farmhouse theme has begun to be abandoned and replaced with a house without excessive decoration and furniture with earth tone color choices.

In fact, the emergence of lifestyle minimalism is the best thing that will happen in 2020 and 2021. People who declare their goods will provide a more decent life for people who cannot afford it to live more properly during economic pressure. A more spacious house also offers better air circulation and access to sunlight. Both are essential in this pandemic.

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