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Fashion Trends in 2021 for A Fresh Style Fashion Trends in 2021 for A Fresh Style
If you are a fashion enthusiast, you surely want to get updates about the latest fashion trends so that you can keep your look... Fashion Trends in 2021 for A Fresh Style

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you surely want to get updates about the latest fashion trends so that you can keep your look stylish and fashionable. Fashion trends are actually like a cycle. New fashions are gotten from old fashions that are modified to make them look more modern. Fashion trends in 2021 are predicted to be flexible so that you can wear them on almost any occasion. So, what are the fashion trends this year? Here they are.

Short Pants and A Blazer

The first 2021 fashion trend is a combination of a blazer and short pants. This was already a fashion trend a few years ago. Now, it becomes a fashion trend once more with a fresher look. This combination becomes a trend since it is often seen in the hot spring 2021 fashion. For a fresh look, you can choose a blazer or short pants in bright colors or patterns. You can also opt for a boyfriend blazer because anything oversized is still trending this year.


Moreover, a blazer with shoulder pad accents will also become a favorite. If you want to try this fashion trend, do not forget to wear some accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, and sunglasses to make your outfit looks more stylish.

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Yellow and Camel-Colored Outfit

Brown outfits with earthy tone nuances were indeed trending last year. It still becomes a fashion trend in 2021, especially brown outfits with camel color tones. The unique thing is that it is combined with yellow outfits. So, do not be surprised if you find so many yellow outfits this year. Some houses of fashion even already apply this trend to their collections. For example, Alexander McQueen presents an A-line feminine, yellow dress with a V collar.

Yellow becomes a trend because this color symbolizes creativity, optimism, and happiness. Yellow will also bring a spirited, positive aura to your look so that you look fresh.

Flare Jeans

2021 fashion trends once again present flare jeans for a timeless look. Flare jeans are trending again because this fashion item gives a cozy, comfortable impression that is in accordance with the 2021 fashion tagline. Many celebrities already rock this fashion trend, such as Blackpink’s Rose and Gigi Hadid. For inspiration, you can combine flare jeans with a loose shirt. With this fashion combination, your style will look effortlessly stylish. This style is suitable for hanging out or traveling.


Bright-Colored Pants

Another new fashion in 2021 is bright-colored pants. If all this time you prefer to wear dark-colored pants, now it is time for you to look stylishly different with bright pants. If you do not want to be in the center of attention, you can opt for pants in pastel colors. Pastel colors are still included in 2021 fashion trends. Pastel-colored pants will make you look fresh without looking tacky. You can combine bright colors with any tops. Bright colors will always successfully bring a positive aura to your look so that you will be full of spirit to start your day.

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Crochet Blouse

Last but not least, a crochet blouse is also trending in fashion this year. Besides the shibori technique, outfits that use typical 70s crochet techniques become a fashion trend once again this year, with a selection of attractive patterns and colors that are more varied, but still in a hippie style. A house of fashion that already launches this fashion trend is Chanel.

Those are the 2021 fashion trends. Which trend attracts you the most and makes you want to try it? No matter the trend you choose, make sure you wear a comfortable outfit that represents yourself.

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