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Fashion Trend in 2020 Is Still Happening in 2021 Fashion Trend in 2020 Is Still Happening in 2021
Every year, fashion trend has changed. In 2020, some fashion items will begin a trend so that many women love it so much. Those... Fashion Trend in 2020 Is Still Happening in 2021

Every year, fashion trend has changed. In 2020, some fashion items will begin a trend so that many women love it so much. Those are clothes, dresses, and bags. Every cloth that you wear will increase self confidence and enthusiasm. However, before buying new outfits to change the old ones, you can maintain some selected fashion items that have been a trend in 2020 because those are still happening in 2021.


In a collection of spring and summer in 2020, ruffles presented in a dress design. However, in 2021, it will be presented in some models. Ruffles have layers and gather so that it makes the outfit more defined. Even in 2021, it has more variants of ruffles models. Of course, it gives more choices for the people selecting ruffles for their outfits.


Knitwear was always to be an ultimate choice for the women along 202o. It starts to be a suitable baby doll during a quarantine. The knitwear becomes a stylish and comfortable daily outfit. Even, it gets so booming in 2021. It has some modifications of knitwear so that it gives more options for the women. When knitwear in 2020 dominated neutral colour and monotonous models, but in 2021 it has more colourful colours and eccentric models. Lilac also became the most favourite colour of knitwear in 2021.

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Jeans Flare 70s

Long cut and bell cut jeans famously in 1970 are back to be popular in 2021. Wearing a flared jeans model will take you back to the 70s immediately. This old jeans model must be combined with knitwear such as a blouse, t-shirt, or tank top. It will make you look so stylish and up to date. To accentuate the old impression, you can wear high heels platform shoes. Your appearance looks so stylish.


Cut Out Dress

Another fashion item being a fashion trend in 2021 is a cutout dress. Every woman surely has a favourite dress in 2020. It is called cut out dress being the right choice for attending formal agendas. It has a design looking like a modern dress with a cut-out cut model. It can explore your body part. It is suitable to wear to an attending party, formal agendas, and dinner date. You can make up minimalis to look more beautiful with the combination of this dress.

Folding Jeans 80s Style

Jeans with a folded style in the bottom part had been booming in the 80s. The style makes your ankle more slimming. Meanwhile, the top part looks bubbling like a balon. Some celebrities often wear these jeans such as Hailey Bieber, Chrissy Teigen, and many more. These jeans are easily combined with any fashion items. One of the most worn fashion items is the turtle neck model. It will make you look so super trendy and stylish with those combinations.

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Baby Doll Dress

Another fashion item that you should wear in 2021 is a baby doll dress. A thick and oversized baby doll dress was popular in 2020 because the material is very comfortable for daily use. This sweet dress will be updated in pop and fun colours, new materials, and unique details. If you don’t want to look feminine, you should make it beautiful with boots and bomber jackets. It will make you so stylish and beautiful in 2021.


Because the officers spend work from home, workwear during 2020 looks more casual and formal. The blazer looks suitable for a relaxing fashion item. You can combine it with denim pants. It is a perfect style for daily workers during work from home.

Straight Jeans

This jeans model was famous in the 90s. You will look so classical when you are wearing this jeans model. It has become a fashion trend in 2021. You can upgrade your look to be more classical by combining boots and high heels.

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