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Fashion Pattern Trends in 2021 Fashion Pattern Trends in 2021
Fashion is not only talking about bold colors but also patterns. Patterns make fashion items more beautiful and artistic. It also leads to a... Fashion Pattern Trends in 2021

Fashion is not only talking about bold colors but also patterns. Patterns make fashion items more beautiful and artistic. It also leads to a new fashion trend. Here, we have the list of fashion pattern trends in 2021. The list below can be your inspiration when you are selecting new fashion products.

Floral Blur

Floral seems to be an everlasting pattern in the fashion industry. This pattern always appears every season. Despite the appearance of this pattern every season, people get new floral patterns. Let say in 2021 you are about to see some fashion items with soft focus filters and blurred filters floral patterns. Fashion designers give a touch of digital or technology to make this pattern more attractive and refreshing.


Instead of using one solid color, the pattern trend also gives a new option through a watercolor pattern. This pattern is a combination of several colors. A watercolor pattern often creates from a combination of soft and bright colors. The colors are diluted to create a unique motif. It is not shocking as bright and solid colors or floral patterns. Several popular fashion design companies, such as Dries Van Noten, Acne Studios, and Kenzo apply this pattern for their latest fashion item collections.

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Tie-Dye is also a popular pattern in the fashion trend. This pattern makes your fashion items exclusive. You can mix all your favorite colors and create patterns. Tie-Dye is perfect for those who are creative and want to show something different. The focus of this pattern is on the placement and color combinations. Indeed, it makes someone looks fresh and charming.

Screen Prints

A screenprint is an attractive pattern. Designers use this pattern to portrait phenomenal objects, locations, conditions, and others. This pattern also creates a unique fashion style. You can easily mix and match this pattern with other fashion styles, including dark colors, bright colors, and plain colors. Designers often apply a screen print pattern in dresses, tunics, maxi dresses, and many more.

Fruit Stripes

A combination of bold and bright lines of colors is the strong character of the fruit stripes. You will see a rainbow in this pattern. Fruit Stripes pattern is not new. It is a classic pattern but people love it. The color combination keeps people fresh and outstanding. Versace, Stine Goya, and Christopher John Rogers are several designers who adopt the trend. They often apply this pattern for button-down tops or knit dresses. Some women often mix and match this pattern, along with denim jeans or black trousers.

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Checkered is also a classic pattern. It is a simple pattern, along with a lot of squares. This pattern reminds us on a chessboard. The two colors combination is the reason why this pattern is attractive season by season. In 2021, designers apply a checkered pattern in a black and white model and other bold colors.


Let say you can find a checkered V-neck cardigan with a combination of dark red and pink. There is also a checkered pajama with white and blue colors. The creativity to combine two colors are also the secret to make checkered fashion products look attractive.


The painterly pattern looks stunning because of the inky washes and brush strokes. This combination creates a strong and emerging pattern. Fashion items with a painterly pattern are perfect for expressive women. Designers also combine this pattern with other themes, such as painterly floral. This idea even improves the artistic vibe of the items.

Creativity makes the fashion trend evolve. The pattern above are the example of how classic themes meet the touch of the modern style. They become cool, artistic, and attractive. As a result, women can always refresh their appearance through the fashion styles they wear.

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