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Face Masks That Keep You Chic Face Masks That Keep You Chic
A face mask is one of the new fashion items nowadays because of the pandemic. People have to wear it when they go outside... Face Masks That Keep You Chic

A face mask is one of the new fashion items nowadays because of the pandemic. People have to wear it when they go outside and meet others. Indeed, only because you wear a face mask doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a stylish outfit. Several brands produce special face masks that keep you chic.

Future Ninja Wear

It is the latest face mask by designer Alan King. Instead of creating costly face masks, Alan King offers a $1 disposable face mask. It is the reason why he calls this product an economical mask. You can also wear the reusable covers version only at $30. The vegan python version is cool with a python snakeskin texture-like face mask. You can buy this version for only $100. It is known as a future ninja mask due to the black color and its shape.

Tea Spring and Summer Face Mask

Tea Collection follows this movement by creating a face mask. It seems that this brand wants to make people get used to wearing a face mask by offering a seasonal product. The design looks cute and represents Spring and Summer. The unique part is that Tea Collection produces the mask by using material scraps. Tea Collection sends this mask to San Francisco hospital and caregivers in Los Angeles.

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3D Printed Face Mask

We can call this product a new fashion item due to the technology. Like the name, the brand creates this mask by using 3D printing technology. The unique part is not only about the technology but also the designer. This 3D printed face mask is the idea of OESH Shoes, a science-based shoe brand. OESH Shoes works with doctors and partner factory LUNA. This face mask has two vents and removable filter caps. You can even wash this product in a dishwasher or washing machine, although it is a 3D product. OESH Shoes seems to consider all aspects while creating this product. You are about to wear a 100% recyclable product.


Katie May Face Mask

Do you want to wear a glamorous face mask while attending a party? Katie May’s face mask is one of the answers. As a bridal designer, May creates her face mask with sequins, lace, and crepe fabric. She also makes the straps adjustable. As a result, you will always wear a fit face mask. You can adjust the strap to keep your breath comfortably. You can buy this fancy face mask for only $19 to $45. This mask looks perfect with your party gown or dress. In the end, you can go to the party or formal events by obeying the health protocol.

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Alyssa Nicole Face Mask

The Alyssa Nicole face mask is the answer for those who are looking for a simple and qualified face mask. You are to wear a black mask. Alyssa Nicole picks the materials carefully because she also wants to donate them to the healthcare workers. Nowadays, she also sells this product for $25 while keeps donating it.

Camp Collection Face Mask

Camp Collection uses organic cotton material for creating a face mask. It is also a handmade product. Like some brands and institutions, Camp Collection donates this product. At the same time, they also sell it. You will get 24 masks by spending $154. The mask looks simple with a white base and red straps. It helps to protect half of your face, especially your nose and mouth.

Like it or not, a face mask has become a new fashion item nowadays. You can even pick the best product based on its materials, colors, models, themes, and even prices. All you have to do is mix and match this face mask with the right fashion items to keep you stylish and comfortable.

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