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Cute Bags You Must Have For Summer 2021/2022 Cute Bags You Must Have For Summer 2021/2022
Let me start with a statement, whatever season it is, we all need a bag! It’s just a fashion necessity, isn’t it? After last... Cute Bags You Must Have For Summer 2021/2022

Let me start with a statement, whatever season it is, we all need a bag! It’s just a fashion necessity, isn’t it? After last year’s mini barbie bags, what’s going on this year?

After more than a year of pocket and pouches, maybe your bag department needs a little light. To freshen up your style along with the sun. If you haven’t gone shopping and are still contemplating on buying a bag or not for summer 2021/2022, you should check these cute bags!

Water Bottle Bags

You heard me right. Just a reminder for you to keep hydrating yourself. For the sake of your skin, your health, and your commitment to follow the latest fashion trend. Fendi came with a textured light brown handbag with a bottle bag hanging right in the handbag like a bag accessory. You can see the Fendi Roma letters are embroidered on both the handbag and bottle bag.

Macrame bags in cross-body style to hold your bottle is also the latest fashion trend, especially in summer. Maybe you want to hit the beach with your water bottle in a macrame bag. It’s reusable and sustainable. Just as cute as your purse.

cute bottle bag for summer 2021 2022

Is macrame too cute for you? Maybe you could try a leather water bottle crossing over your body. Officina del Poggio came with that! With an extra pocket on the side of your bottle to add more compartments to carry your keys or credit cards.

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Necklace bags and pouches

Have you ever heard of them? Now you can have a bag that doesn’t hang around your shoulder or wrist anymore. And you don’t really need to hold on to your purse. Because you can hang it on your neck. Don’t think of anything as big as a Hermes leather bag. It is pretty small to make sure you don’t feel strangled. And with a long line up to your stomach.

cute necklace pouch bags for summer 2021 2022

Max Mara came with a baby blue round bag and envelope bag for your coins, some cash, and cards. And it’s safer because you put it on the front part of your body, which means you can watch it if someone tries to steal it. The necklace pouches have a similar concept to the necklace bags. The only difference is that the pouches are added with a fancy formal party style, like a Black ‘Pink’ Clasp Necklace Pouch by Y’S.

Netted Bags

Summer is beach season, Honey! Now, you need a bag that suits that sandy beach. You need a colorful Dior net bag with a little black and white over a yellow handle. The nets are going diagonal and separated vertically with a multicolor stripe. They add mini poms that jiggle when you walk. You won’t have any sand in the bottom of your bag anymore. Plus, it’s bright and stylish.

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cute dior net bags for summer 2021 2022

Large totes

I know some people like it small and compact. Yes, some. That’s why another part likes it big. They seem to have everything in their bags. It was in style before, but this summer 2021/2022, extra-large totes are also one of the latest fashion items.

Balmain is one of the brands that came with this big bag. Silver and grey made up the pattern of Balmain all over the bag. Except for some part of the edge of the bag front, which is colored plain white. While Balmain used a lot of leather materials, Isabel Marant, choose a canvas for her bag. She made a large tie-dye tote.

cute balmain large tote bags for summer 2021 2022

You can put your beach necessities in this bag. It should fit. Unless you decided to camp on the shore. You definitely are going to need another tie-dye piece for your summer style. Particularly, if you’re hitting the beach, a canvas tote is the one.

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