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Chic and Easy Work Outfit Chic and Easy Work Outfit
Are you working from home? Or still going to the office once at a time? Well, either way, you must be doing a long... Chic and Easy Work Outfit

Are you working from home? Or still going to the office once at a time? Well, either way, you must be doing a long inspection of your closet every morning, spending a lot of time deciding which one to wear. The pandemic has temporarily pushed the cardigan and formal outfit to the back of our closet and replace it with loungewear and slippers fashion trend that is currently circling around. But don’t worry, it is about time we go out again, hence probably back to the office.

This is the time where we need to continue the comfy yet functional trend and also slightly anticipating the upcoming trend. Fashion trend forecaster says that the post-pandemic trend would be all about celebration with bright color, multi-textured pieces, and no need to be super functional but chic. Here are some tips on how to transition between the two outfits and find the perfect balance whether you work from home or office.

Work from home style

When we work from home, our concern mainly focused on the upper part of the body, as we all know, the lower part doesn’t really matter. So, put a lot of emphasis on the shoulder and neckline as we can’t really play with our bags and shoes since they don’t fit in the camera. Wear a puffy shoulder top to add some sweetness to your professional look. Or you can put on a cute flowy scarf.

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If you want to opt for a classic work style with a collared skirt, don’t bother buttoning up too high, give the look a slightly loose feeling. But don’t go too low either to maintain the professional look. Then, add some necklace.
You can also mix up your blazer with some comfy skirt that you wear around the house during the pandemic.

Let the blazer be completely unbuttoned and use some bright color to spice up your look. For example, match a washed yellow shirt with a black or brown blazer. Or put your stripe shirt inside your blazer. Make sure you don’t go crazy with the color play because we want to stay in the current fashion trend while also anticipating the upcoming waves.

Work from office style

Now, that we can finally hit the road on our way to the office again, we can add our shoes, bags, skirt, and trousers to our game. And by the way, if you plan to commute, comfy sneakers or a pair of leather loafer is a way to go. How do you say? Match your sneakers with a pastel-colored dress then top it off with some coat of your choice.

Planning on going utilitarian? Opt for a jumpsuit, dresses, or perfectly coordinated sets. Those options are easy and stylish. You can go with all look with a black jumpsuit, pair it with a black handbag and black pump or even go for slightly heeled sandals.

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Another option for you is matching your colorful shirt with a high-waisted skirt and top it off with your coat if you like. Make sure you add some extra detailing with a necklace and a fun, less formal bag but mix formal shoes, like a pair of a pump to make it work appropriately.

The key to this mix-up fashion trend during and post-pandemic is by mixing up a formal and casual look to make the look a hybrid of functional, professional, yet fun and casual. Let’s say, you choose a formal dress, then play with the shoes, bags, or accessories, give it a touch of informality. The same goes for if you choose to go for a less formal dress. Pick a formal pair of shoes, bags, or accessories.

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