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Casual Fashion Trends That Will Hype In 2021 Casual Fashion Trends That Will Hype In 2021
Have you ever heard the phrase that the fashion trend always comes back in style? Yep, usually, the fashion trend will repeat itself every... Casual Fashion Trends That Will Hype In 2021

Have you ever heard the phrase that the fashion trend always comes back in style? Yep, usually, the fashion trend will repeat itself every 10 years. That’s why it can be said that there is no outdated fashion style. This also happens in 2021; our old clothes or even clothes belonging to our parents can make us a fashion icon this year. So keep reading this article to know which style will come back in 2021.

Pants and Skirts

Have high waist hot pants at home? Now, it’s time for you to start taking them out of storage boxes because shorts will be one of the fashion trends this year. Cotton, linen, and jeans are still favorites. Besides being sexy, shorts also give a dynamic impression to their users. For those who want to look feminine even though using shorts, you can add accessories in the form of ribbons from matching fabrics as a substitute for a belt.

Less feminine? Well, maybe a mini skirt can be your choice. Mini skirts were a trend in 2007-2010 and are now back as one of the fashion trends to be reckoned with. Span and Rempel models such as cheerleader skirts will be a favorite. A mini skirt with a high waist cut will give the impression of being sleek and elegant. Besides that, it will make you look taller.

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Not a fan of short pants or skirts or high waists? Don’t worry, you can still look fashionable this year with the low waist pants that hit in the 2000s. Loose or cut bray fabric pants can be an option. In addition, baggy jeans are predicted to be quite popular. It seems that this year slim-fit pants can be made first.

Work From home more often? Don’t worry. You can still look cool and fresh by wearing leggings. One of the choices of comfortable and flexible pants you can use every day both at home and outside. Combined with a hoodie or sweater is the right choice if you don’t want to be complicated but want to look cute.

Oversized Tops For Your Casual Style

One of the keywords for this year’s fashion trend tops is loose and comfortable. It is not wrong that this year hoodies, sweaters, and flannels will be the most popular fashion items. Hoodies and sweaters made from knit or baby terry can provide a feeling of warmth and security. No need to buy new ones; sweaters or hoodies from previous schools can be reused this year.

Likewise, the oversized flannel, which was once famous among Vespa motorbike clubs in the 2000s this year, can complement your days either as a shirt or blazer.Do you want to look sexy in oversized clothes? The crop top model can be your choice. A hoodie or crop top sweater can be combined with a high waist and give the impression of a slim waist.

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Shoes, Maybe?

Remember those days when ballet flats were worn by almost all the girls in your school? Yes, those times will return again this year. The fashion trend for shoes will come from the beginning of 2008. The girly and cute impression emanating from the ballet flats will be perfect when combined with a cheerleader mini skirt. This setting will make you look much younger. Want something sportier? Retro sneakers can be an option. The heyday of Vans, Old Taylor Sneakers, and Adidas Classic will return again this year.

How About Hats?

Remember Emily in Paris? The main character of the film is closely related to Beret. Beret hats give a classic and chic impression but don’t leave the sweet side of your outfit series. Beret can be combined with crop jackets or long coats. Very multifunctional, right? Another option could be using baseball caps from the 2000s. Let’s unload your storage cupboard again because it seems like no one doesn’t have baseball caps. Baseball caps can accompany you for strolling around while enjoying the sunshine.

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