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Bucket Hat: A New Fashion Trend Idea Bucket Hat: A New Fashion Trend Idea
Bucket hats have become a new fashion trend nowadays. Instead of wearing a cap, combining your outfit with a bucket hat can never go... Bucket Hat: A New Fashion Trend Idea

Bucket hats have become a new fashion trend nowadays. Instead of wearing a cap, combining your outfit with a bucket hat can never go wrong. Bucket hats are not everyone’s favorite since for some people they may look cool and sophisticated while for others they may look ordinary and uncool. These are various ways on how to wear your bucket hat. Check this out!

Choosing the Best Bucket Hat

The bucket hat that is commonly sold in the market is the cotton material ones. Bucket hats with cotton material are appropriate to be matched with casual outfits. But is a bucket hat with cotton material the best compared with a bucket hat with other materials? Of course not. A cotton bucket hat works the best for warm weather while a bucket hat with denim material works best for colder weather. If you want to fish or go camping? Then choose a bucket hat with nylon material.

T-Shirt and A Bucket Hat? Perfect duo

Choose casual streetwear to combine your bucket hat with. The black bucket hat goes well with everything. Stay following the fashion trend by combining bucket hats with your favorite t-shirt. You can go with a graphic t-shirt to stay trendy and comfortable. Complete it with your favorite pair of sunglasses and sneakers for an OOTD post on your social media.

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Old – School Look with Bucket Hat

The 90s look is also working for the current days. The old fashion trend which combines a denim bucket hat and bright colors like vibrant blue, or yellow can make you stand out in the crowd. The old-school spirit can inspire others which then you become the icon.

Summer Look with Straw Bucket Hat

Summer fashion trend are various with many kinds and ways on how to mix and match the outfit. Wearing bucket hats on the summer days? Of course, you can. Wear the straw ones and combine them with your swimsuit or summer dress to go to the beach!

Bucket Hat for a Feminine Look

You can combine your bucket hat that has floral prints on it and combine it with your maxi dress or a leather jacket for a look that is dynamic and feminine. If your bucket hat already has floral prints in it, you can choose the clothing that also has a floral print or if you do not want to stay bold, then you can choose to wear neutral colors in your clothing. If you want to look bold, you can combine a yellow bucket hat with bright colors like a patterned dress or blue or green colored dress.

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Tie-Dye Fashion Trend

Tie-dye is not only applied to trousers and shirts; the bucket hat is also present in the market. The rainbow patterns in it easily brighten the outfit we wear. You can combine the tie-dye bucket hat with a monochrome outfit like black or white. Another way is you can combine your tie-dye clothing with a white or black bucket hat. Just where you think suited best for you.

Bucket Hat plus Hijab

For those who wear hijab, you can add a bucket hat to it. It will not look odd but instead, you can level up your fashion trend with it. Combine a bucket hat with your pashmina and printed tee and complete it with a pair of wide jeans and sneakers for a boyish look. You can add bright-colored sunglasses and then post an OOTD to your social media.

Those are various ways on how to wear your bucket hats. Bucket hats will not look odd or ordinary if you mix and match them appropriately and choose the style that suits you the best.

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