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Be More Beautiful with Beautiful Tops for Women Be More Beautiful with Beautiful Tops for Women
Having the same clothes is boring. That’s why you need a reference to choose which top model is the most fashionable at this time.... Be More Beautiful with Beautiful Tops for Women

Having the same clothes is boring. That’s why you need a reference to choose which top model is the most fashionable at this time. Generally, women always want to look stylish and charming in every appearance. To get this, women are often willing to spend excessive budgets to update fashion collections.

Apart from that, you can also mix and match clothes and accessories to make your appearance even more charming. Well, we have some recommendations for beautiful tops that you must immediately have. Come on, check the references here!

Asymmetrical Shirt

An asymmetrical shirt is a shirt with an asymmetrical cut that gives off a dynamic impression. This asymmetrical touch can give a different essence in appearance. In addition, the impression of freedom of expression can be shown through these asymmetrical pieces.


This asymmetrical cut can create a fashionable and functional feel that many designers, fashion houses, and clothing lines have adopted. This shirt is suitable to be combined with short or long span skirts and material pants or jeans.

Peplum Top

This type of clothing has a narrow detail at the waist so that it makes your waist curve look perfect. This type of peplum top can be used by anybody in shape, even obese people can use it. You can combine it with various types of subordinates, such as pants to skirts. This type of fashion model is also very eye catching when worn with high heels that can accentuate the beautiful curves of your legs.

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Smart Casual

Smart casual clothes are clothes that are used in casual events that are slightly formal and usually occur in-office events because they are related to business or academia. Even so, smart casual clothing is almost similar to business casual, but it differs in focus.

Business casual tends to be more conservative, while smart casual focuses more on fashion. The concept used in smart casual clothing is casual but still formal and looks more relaxed. To get this look with these beautiful tops, you can combine a skirt and turtleneck or khakis with a short-sleeved blouse and a cardigan/jacket. In addition, add just a few jewelry accessories and wear flat shoes or kitten heels.


As we know, this tunic type clothing has a loose design and covers most parts of the body such as the back, chest, and shoulders. But there are also tunics with sleeveless models. Apart from being designed with a loose style, tunics are also mostly made longer to the thighs and even knees. Now, this tunic type of clothing is often used as Muslim clothing, but with this tunic type clothes, you can also look more trendy and fashionable. You can combine this tunic with knee-length pants, leggings, or skinny jeans and various fashion items that you feel are suitable for the tunic you are using.

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A cocktail is a semi-formal event that is held without providing special seating and serves only snacks and cocktails.
Cocktail clothing has a feminine style and more attractive colors. Women usually wear mini-sized short dresses or just below the knee. You can combine cocktail dresses with various accessories such as jewelry or shoes, from classic pump shoes to ankle boots and large clutch bags.

Business formal

Formal business attire is often used in semi-formal daytime events such as meetings, conferences, or lunches with clients. This dress code tends to convey a neutral impression to maintain a serious atmosphere. Women usually wear pantsuits or tailored dresses, while men tend to wear a suit and tie.

So, try one of those beautiful tops to look more stylish! Love yourself by wearing your best fashion!

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