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An Ultimate Guide to Choose Men’s Shoes An Ultimate Guide to Choose Men’s Shoes
When it comes to new fashion, there are tons of things that come across the market. Shoes are only one aspect among other things... An Ultimate Guide to Choose Men’s Shoes

When it comes to new fashion, there are tons of things that come across the market. Shoes are only one aspect among other things that are considered as part of fashion. On the other hand, everyone cares about their shoes a lot. While there are tons of options on the market, choosing the right one that fits any season can be a huge task. In this article, we have a list of things you can follow to choose the right footwear for each occasion. Regardless of the event, there will always be a perfect pair of shoes to be its company.

Quick tips

When choosing your shoes, it is better to go with the color that matches your pants, or anything darker. Shoes with a lighter color than your pants will distract your visual appearance. Wearing socks that match your shoes is a safe bet. However, you can be experimental with this part. Whether it brings your things together or shows the unique side of yourself, socks are not entitled to the shoes.

What about wearing a belt? A belt is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It is much safer if you go with a belt that matches your shoes. Instead of keeping up with the new fashion all the time, you better invest in high-quality footwear your budget allowed. Of course, the lifespan of your shoes depends on your care and maintenance.

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Regardless of the style or color, your shoes should fit and comfy on your body. Style is good, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the comfy part in the first place.

Shoes for jeans

If you wear jeans, you can wear any kind of shoes without worrying about a thing. However, shiny shoes won’t fit the image of jeans. When it comes to wearing jeans, you can focus on anything that seems casual. Anything will work fine with jeans as long as it doesn’t look too shiny.


Shoes for casual pants

What about shoes for casual pants? Khakis, chino, and dockers are the most popular types of casual pants. To pair this style, you can put boots, saddle shoes, boat shoes, oxford, or loafers. This type of pants also works well with canvas shoes or anything clean and presentable. Wearing those casual pants allows you to try dressier shoes. Flashier shoes will look more casual in this case.

Shoes for dress pants

Dress pants will look well with shiny materials. However, you can pick a show with the same color or darker than the trousers. You will also need a belt to nail the look. Keep in mind that the belt should come in a similar color. The good news is that you can find tons of options when it comes to dressy shoes. From square toes to pointed wingtips, you can find a style that matches your appearance. Meanwhile, if you prefer a pair of shoes that goes well with various outfits, you can go with a semi-rounded toe pair of shoes.

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Shoes and colors

If choosing a pair of shoes is quite hard for you, we have some things you can keep in mind. Black shoes will help you to wear black, grey, or navy blue pants. Brown shoes, on the other hand, will look nice together with earth tones or darker, greens, beige, brown, and tan. If you prefer something with a color like burgundy, you can pair it with grey, blue, lighter browns, and khaki. Tan shoes are made for white, lighter tan, beige, blue, and lighter earth tones. A unique look is in your hand by pairing navy blue shoes with red, olive, white, brown, beige, and grey. Again, it is not a new fashion, but it keeps you on top of the game.

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