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8 Models of Sandals for Women to Have A Stylish Performance 8 Models of Sandals for Women to Have A Stylish Performance
Sandals for women are indeed the footwear that we use most every day. The shape is simple and open to keep your feet safe... 8 Models of Sandals for Women to Have A Stylish Performance

Sandals for women are indeed the footwear that we use most every day. The shape is simple and open to keep your feet safe and comfortable. Footwear that is easily removed is not only available for daily activities at home, but also comes in various types that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Now there are many types of sandals on the market, both for formal events or just for a walk. Offering comfort, these sandals are also designed stylishly. Sandals can also be combined with various outfit options to match your appearance.


This sandal model is also known as a platform sandal. Usually, wedges are 5-9 cm tall with wooden footwear. Wedges are suitable for long legs because they can give the impression of a slimmer and more proportionate body. Pair wedges with a strappy dress or strap dress as well as jeans for a stylish look.


Gladiator sandals

This sandal is suitable for casual occasions or on vacation to the beach. Gladiator sandals are usually shaped like laces, like the shoes of Roman soldiers. Goes well with skinny jeans or shorts for a simple casual look.

Peep Toe Heels

This is one of the heels that has a sweet look and is also suitable for parties. Rights models usually have a little platform or are shaped like a small box at the back. While the front model, in the form of a simple rope, shows the part of your toes. Peep Toe Heels are suitable to be paired with a variety of dress styles, ranging from a-line dresses or pencil styles.

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Flat sandals

For those of you who like a minimalist and anti-complicated appearance, flat sandals for women can be a mainstay for you. The flat sandal model is suitable to be combined with various clothing styles, ranging from dresses, trousers, or shorts. You can also wear it for semi-formal occasions.

Sandal h square

This one sandal is part of the flat sandal. However, the front model of the sandal is H-shaped, which can give an elegant impression. It goes well with jeans to show the beauty of your legs.

Flip flops

These sandals are known as flip-flops. Usually have a simple model, and some are made of rubber. Flip flops are often used to go to the beach because they are easy to clean. However, don’t wear these flip-flops too often because they can be dangerous for your feet.


Sandal shoes are starting to attract women’s attention to become one of the newest must-have shoe collections. It’s no wonder that this sandal model is starting to dominate the current women’s fashion trends. Sandal shoes are often known as mountain shoes. However, lately, the models of sandal shoes are increasingly varied and have an appearance that can make you more stylish. It is suitable to be combined with shorts, linen trousers, and cargo pants.

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Every woman must have one type of sandal or this type of shoe, namely mules. The mules sandal is shaped like a shoe on the front, while the back is like a sandal or you could say a combination of flat shoes and sandals. This is what makes mules simple in shape and suitable for use for various pickles.

Wearing sandals is synonymous with a relaxed and comfortable impression. However, the use of sandals should not be arbitrary. Especially in formal moments that require a polite impression. For example, for a party event, be sure to choose sandals with beautiful accents to give an elegant impression. Then, for outdoor activities such as walks on the beach, you can choose sandals for women with a thin base.

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