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8 Innovative Fashion Trend in 2021 8 Innovative Fashion Trend in 2021
After relaxing and comfy outfits were happening in 2020 at home, a new fashion trend in 2021 will make you surprised. An innovative fashion... 8 Innovative Fashion Trend in 2021

After relaxing and comfy outfits were happening in 2020 at home, a new fashion trend in 2021 will make you surprised. An innovative fashion model is booming in 2021 in which it doesn’t reduce the essence of comfort. In 2020, the world was depressed due to the pandemic of Covid 19 forcing the people to stay at home. Of course, colourful and bright patterns are colouring in 2021. It shows a new definition of comfortable fashion outfits.

Combination of Many Patterns

The specifically old pattern combination ensures that every colour combines very well. It is working to avoid a clash and not too intense. Meanwhile, in 2021 a fashion mode has a unique pattern in which the outfits are full of contradictory, brave, and fun prints.

Glamorous Home Daily Outfits

Regarding the fact, all people have ever lived with loungewear. It is reasonable if a fashion mode home will find ways to increase their styles. Chanel, Balenciaga, and Miu Miu have found ways to increase comfortable outfits. Those design glamorous home daily outfits. Those can become a fashion trend in 2021 that you should wear.



Patchwork is supporting a pattern and colour mix and match trend. Some houses of fashion have introduced patchwork in a fashion runway. Those are Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, and Issey Miyake. Those introduced some fashion outfits with funky style in the 2021 campaign. The trend is easily presented in the forms of dress, jacket, and flannels.

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Knitwear was to be a fashion trend in 2020. It is also still happening in 2021. It offers more options of knitwear that you can mix and match. Knitwear will be present in a set of cardigan and pants. Even, the glamorous dress will become a product of knitwear in 2021. Chanel also shows off some knitting techniques in its collection. It is useful to give a classical and modern impression for the fashion outfit.


It represents a romantic impression. The tulle material is dominating in 2021 in some designs that you can wear. Giambattista Valli shows the power of tulle with a thick tulle layered dress in a fashion show. Meanwhile, Fendi and Rick Owens have a more relaxing way to introduce Tulle material in 2021 by creating tulle outfit products.

Oversized Button Down

Another massive fashion trend in 2021 is oversized outfits. One of the recommended items is an oversized button-down. You can see this fashion trend for the first time on a fashion show of Valentino, Coach, Balenciaga, and Gucci. The big buttons are easily arranged. You can mix and match it with strict pants, mini skirt, jeans, or bottom outfits for a streetwear look.

Cow Print

Zebra and snakeskin print must go away in 2021. It will be replaced by cow print. It has maintained its popularity since the summer of 2019. Cow print will dominate in 2021 along with the other fashion trends and outfits. It is regarded to represent neutral colours getting suitable for all outfits on your cabinet.

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Wide-Legged Denim Outfits

When you see many women wearing wide-legged denim, you surely think that it is a fashion trend in 2021. Jeans or denim are timeless. Those become a best friend for everyone during different agendas. However, skinny jeans are not dominating again in 2021. Wide-legged jeans are booming from the end of 2020 until 2021. It will make the casual fashion mode crowded in 2021 with some products of wide-legged denim. This jeans model is comfortable to wear and also makes your look so stylish and up to date. You can mix it with knitwear or t-shirts.

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