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7 Trending Dress for Girls, Make You Looks Fabulous in 2021/2022 7 Trending Dress for Girls, Make You Looks Fabulous in 2021/2022
Finding the right trending dress for girls could be one of the hardest tasks you ever had. As we all know, the fashion trend, especially for... 7 Trending Dress for Girls, Make You Looks Fabulous in 2021/2022

Finding the right trending dress for girls could be one of the hardest tasks you ever had. As we all know, the fashion trend, especially for women, keeps changing. Every year, you always find a new look that becomes the trend amongst many. Speaking about 2021, what kind of fashion trend will emerge this year? Let’s find more about it below.

1. Embroidered Style

One of the most trending outfits for girls is the embroidered dress. Mostly, we see it as the accent or accessories for the tops. However, lately, we also can find many top designers starting to apply it as the main element of the dress they made. The embroidery part also gives your dress a unique touch that attracts people’s attention.

One of the best things about this style is you can incorporate various shapes on it. In the past, we only saw flowers or plants as the pattern for the embroidered dress. Today, the designer uses modern objects, from cars to smartphones in its pattern. Of course, the old plants, flowers, and animal patterns are also still there, becoming one of the most beautiful styles of embroidery on a dress.


2. Wrap Style

The wrap-style dress is also one of the hottest trends this year. We can find various types of wrap that create more new style clothes for girls. The plunge wrap gives you an elegant look. On the other hand, front tie wrap is perfect for a formal occasion. And, if you want to get a casual look, try a dress with wrap briolette style.

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This style of dress is also a perfect choice for summer. By combining it with lightweight or soft type material, plus the material that absorbs sweat, you can wear it without worrying about the heat. It mostly uses a loose design, so you also get more room to move around.


3. Revealing Style

This year, you also can find many revealing types of dresses for girls. It seems that it becomes the latest trending dress for girls to sign the freedom after we had a bad year in 2020. Many designers try to emphasize this feeling through this style.

As for the style itself, you also can find many of them. However, we see the open back and side out are the most stylish and trendy this year. Spring and summer will be the perfect season to wear the dress with this style. It also is a perfect dress for a casual or formal occasion. The formal one mostly can be found on the party dress. On the other hand, the casual open back comes in the knit type dress.


Side out also has returned as one of the best choices, if you were looking for trending gowns for girls. Last year, this style also was a trend and had been used on many fashion events. This year, especially in spring, this style has returned to emphasize more skin and body shape of its wearer.

4. Retro Floral Pattern

As for the pattern, the floral pattern also is one of the favorite choices of many top designers. However, it is not all floral patterns that you can choose. The trending dress for girls uses the 80’s floral style. It has a tacky design that has the composition almost like an abstract floral design.

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As for the color, it depends on the season when you want to wear it. The spring or summer mostly will be dominated by bright and high-intensity colors. However, the fall and winter will use more toned-down color or neutral color. So, match it with the season whenever you want to get a new trendy dress for girls.


5. Basic Plain Style

This style may be the best solution you can use, whenever you have a problem choosing which dress you want to wear this year. It is available all the time. The design also doesn’t have too many accents. Just plain and basic style dress with the dress type that differentiates between each other.

Many people choose it as one of the trending dresses for girls for wedding because it makes them move easier. Plus, it has a simplicity that all girls love these days. With this style, you also can match it with any kind of accessory. It is a dress that can let your blings shine by simply wearing it.


6. Different Volumes Style

The volume also enters the playing ground of the top fashion designers this year. They try to combine various volumes and sizes in one set of dresses. This style is also a good option for trending suit designs for girls. It helps you to emphasize a part of your body that you like while covering the other with the volume. We see a lot of this style appear this spring. But, we believe that this style will become much more popular later in the year.

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This trending dress for girls has a very retro vibe. You can see in many old photos or retro movies where the actress wears the voluminous dress. We think that the retro style has found its way to enter today’s modern fashion choices. And, we have seen it since a couple of years ago.


That also means whenever you have a problem finding the trending dresses for teenage girl, you can always try the retro style. In most cases, you won’t miss that far from the latest trend. You might still need to adjust it, so you won’t look that old on that dress.

7. Animal Pattern

The animal pattern also returns as one of the popular fashion styles this year. You can find an animal print dress for girl for all season, like leopard, zebra, tiger and other. In the past, maybe we only wore this dress for winter. However, with a short or mini dress style, we can wear it on the hottest summer day as well.



Now, you won’t have any problem choosing the trending dress for girls. All styles we mentioned above will work wonderfully this year. Mix it with other types of clothes and accessories. After that, you are ready to go fabulously.

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