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4 Timeless Fashion Trends for Men to Always Have 4 Timeless Fashion Trends for Men to Always Have
Fashion trends are always changed from season to season. If this year you see that the denim jacket becomes hype, it may turn into... 4 Timeless Fashion Trends for Men to Always Have

Fashion trends are always changed from season to season. If this year you see that the denim jacket becomes hype, it may turn into old-fashioned next year. Sure, there is also the cycle of fashion. Baggy pants that were popular in the 89s again demanded by today’s young generation. It is a good thing to borrow it from your dad for sure.

But when some fashion items are considered not eternal, some others are timeless. Sure, those timeless fashion items are better to have and keep well in your wardrobe. Having not only one but two or three is a good thing also. For men, what are timeless fashion items? Here are some of them.

Polo Shirt for Men

This is one of the most classic ideas that are still highly wanted by today’s men. If you just don’t know how it is, a polo shirt is a kind of shirt with a Cuban collar and buttons. But the buttons along with the partition are only on the upper part. You cannot open the shirt completely until the bottom. Then, how to wear it is like when wearing a T-shirt.


A reason that makes this item timeless is its flexibility. It is one of few fashion items that both formal and casual. While it is okay to wear it in the office, you can also wear a polo shirt to hang out with friends. That’s why make sure to have not only one but more.

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Light-Colored Suits

All suits are basically timeless. From many years ago until now, it is just a symbol of formality of men. However, not all men wear suits of course. Aside from them working in departments, offices, and the likes, only grooms who will wear it. Sure, it is when we talk about suits with dark colors.

To reduce the formal look a little bit and strengthen its casual vibe more, you can try other ideas. One of them is by choosing a suit with lighter colors. Well, it can be light blue, light green, cream, mustard, and the likes. Those types of suits are good to wear even if you just want to meet your friends in a Cafe. This idea is timeless also since not only modern men who love it. In the past, color suits were likable also.

Hooded Jackets

Many things are prepared for winter. One of them is the warming clothes idea. Talking about warm clothes, your mind may simply think about jackets. Jacket designs are also evolved with various characteristics from long to short, from using fur to not.


But from all of the ideas in jackets, there is a design that is timeless and never out only date. At least, for some recent decades, men tend to love wearing it. Yes, it is the idea of hooded jackets or many of us may know it well with hoodies. The hood itself is more than a part of the jacket to warm up our heads. It is a sort of fashion style. It just simply makes you look casual and cool at the same time

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Denim Pants

Okay, Noone will deny that this idea is super timeless. Denim pants themselves can be in various types of designs, starting from skinny pants, baggy, and more. Which one to choose depends on your taste and comfort. For men, it is cool also if the denim pants are combined with things like a belt.

Denim as a material has many color options and tones. If some years ago it is only known for black, blue, and brown, you can even find red or green denim nowadays. Of course, it can be a good choice if you are just bored with them that are too common around.

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