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11 Trendy Ankara Styles for Ladies That Great for All Occasions 11 Trendy Ankara Styles for Ladies That Great for All Occasions
Ankara styles are African styles from the early colonial age. A wax-printed cotton textile with colorful patterns is the character of the Ankara styles... 11 Trendy Ankara Styles for Ladies That Great for All Occasions

Ankara styles are African styles from the early colonial age. A wax-printed cotton textile with colorful patterns is the character of the Ankara styles for ladies. The patterns also often symbolize something. Check the Ankara designs for ladies below and see how easy to mix and match this fashion item. As a result, you can wear this fashion item attractively no matter the events.

1. Mermaid Ankara Styles

Mermaid Ankara dresses for ladies are also flexible to wear. You can wear this unique fashion item to weddings, parties, cocktails, seminars, and even shopping. This dress is also suitable and comfortable if you only want to gather with your best friends.

The mermaid style on the sleeves and bottoms will make you more attractive. At the same time, the model keeps you comfortable whether you are sitting, standing, or even walking. Mermaid Ankara comes with a variety of color combinations, so you get an alternative before wearing the most suitable one.


2. Ankara styles for formal

Ankara gowns for ladies are perfect for anyone who is looking for an outstanding formal dress. This fashion model is perfect for a variety of formal events, including weddings, cocktail parties, and other important occasions. You may choose an Ankara with floral themes to make you stand out. Designers also offer a variety of Ankara shorts for ladies as an alternative if you feel uncomfortable wearing a long dress or gown.

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3. Classic Ankara Styles

Classic Ankara styles are also suitable for you. You will be more elegant with this fashion item due to its simplicity and attractive patterns. Classic Ankara often balances the dark and bright colors. This model makes it easy to mix and match with any kind of accessory.

4. Ankara Styles with Striking Colors

Playing with colors is one of the characteristics of Ankara tops for ladies. That’s why you will also find some Ankara styles for ladies with striking colors. Let’s say there is an Ankara dress with striking orange. The designers sometimes mix striking colors with softer or darker colors, including white, blue, light brown, yellow, and many more. This combination looks perfect for ladies with darker skin.


5. Woven Ankara Styles

Woven Ankara is also an option for ladies who are looking for an elegant dress for a party. Some designers often add woven around the sleeves. The woven around the sleeves give more volume to the arms. Ladies with small arms may choose this Ankara style to cover it.


6. Bohemian Ankara styles

A bohemian Ankara is an option for ladies with a curvy and shapely body, especially on the waist and hips. The model is simple and suitable for casual events, such as gathering with family or friends, shopping, or walking around the street.

Take bohemian Ankara made of polyester and spandex to boost your comfort while wearing it. Some designers often create this fashion item with two pockets at the sides. You can put some small important items in the pockets, such as your car keys, lipstick, makeup, or other things.

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7. Ankara Blazers

Do you need a cloth that makes you warm in cold weather? Ankara blazers for ladies are great. A long Ankara blazer with full sleeves will keep you warm in cold weather. You can also mix and match this blazer with other fashion items, such as long pants, a shirt, a t-shirt, and others. Mix and match Ankara blazers based on the events you want to attend.


8. Ankara Jackets

Ankara jackets are suitable for formal, evening, prom, wedding, vacation, shopping, or other events. It is flexible enough and protects you from the cold weather. You can also find an Ankara jacket for ladies that is also suitable for a blazer or blouse. As a result, you can still mix and match it with your favorite fashion items. Cotton Ankara jackets are popular because they are comfortable and warm enough to wear. The most important thing is that this jacket doesn’t make you sweat.


9. Ankara Jumpsuit

Wearing a one-shoulder Ankara jumpsuit for ladies at a party is also becoming a trend. This Ankara style keeps the wearers elegant without any complicated accessories. Some ladies love to wear this fashion item because of the model, along with a long bishop sleeve and wide leg. This cloth allows them to move comfortably. You can try to wear it when you are attending a party or wedding.


10. Ankara Pants

Ankara is not only available in tops but also in pants. Ankara pants for ladies also come with a variety of models and functions. Some Ankara pants are designed for yoga or exercises. This product is made of stretchy fabrics. It is fit enough with your leg yet you can still comfortably move.

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Some designers create Ankara pants for casual events. It is great for summer pants. Ladies can wear these pants for shopping, cocktail, and casual everyday wear. Ankara leggings are also available in the market. The good part of this product is the elastic waist and two pockets on the side. It is perfect for formal and casual events, including parties, meetings, seminars, gatherings, and many more.


11. Traditional Ankara Styles

Traditional Ankara styles are perfect for ladies who want to feel the sensation of being an African lady. Some traditional Ankara models are off-shoulder, short lantern sleeves, backless, and plunging V neck. The colors are often striking and attractive. The model seems to balance the color of ladies with darker skin. Traditional Ankara comes with patterns that are inspired by nature, such as plants, flowers, trees, animals, and many more.

So, you can try to wear Ankara if you find a new clothing style. The reference above is enough for you to get ideas for new Ankara styles for ladies. The result depends on the way you mix and match the fashion items. It will be great if you find unique Ankara styles for ladies after trying several clothing combinations. The most important thing is that you finally found not only a comfortable clothing style but also stylish and attractive ones.

You can even wear it anytime and anywhere you want, including working, going to the party, wedding ceremony, shopping, vacations, and other events. It is okay if you want to wear it at home without any specific occasions to attend.

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